Monday, April 22, 2013

Strength for the Day

When I don't post for an extended time, it's usually because I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.

My objective is to write at least once every seven days.  That's what I work toward.  That's what I hope for.  That's what could happen in a perfect world.

But my world, just like yours, is anything but perfect.

Each day is filled to the brim with planned work and meetings and calls/emails and other communications.  Then throw in a couple of UN-planned things and my neatly scheduled, tightly buttoned-up day can begin to unravel pretty quickly.

(That's why I keep listening to Deanna Shrodes teach on time organization.  Eventually, I WILL get it!)

Actually, my calling and my job are about the unplanned moments more than about the planned ones.

When someone calls with an illness or a crisis, I'm there to listen.  To share words of comfort and hope.  To pray with them.  I've never known a crisis yet that politely called to schedule itself!

When we hear of atrocities like the bombing in Boston, Frank and I have to process it personally while trying to offer comfort and prayers for those around us.  (Kind of like "Emotional" emergency responders.)

When we face family struggles/changes/illnesses we're forced to wrestle through our own questions and fears.

And some days, although I want to write, I'm afraid that my own emotions are too dangerously near the surface.  Opening the reservoir to draw out words would allow for a flood of tears that wouldn't be pretty for anyone!

So if you click on Embrace the Grace and don't see a new post for several days, it's safe to assume that the author could use some prayer herself.

Tomorrow, the little family Schreck will head back to Shriner's hospital in Tampa for another surgery.  This time it's Abigail who will need your prayers.  She will have both legs in casts for three weeks following the surgery.

We know God's grace will be sufficient!

This great bit of scripture has been my comfort through many difficult times.  "When I am overwhelmed, I run to the Rock that is higher than I......"  HIS vantage point offers better perspective.  And even if the view is still obscured to me, I at least know my prayers are effective for those in need!

And that's where we ALL find courage!



  1. I'll be praying for Abigail and all of you!

  2. Prayers for Abigail and a successful surgery!