Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Small Problem - Big God!

I love praying with other people!         

Especially with people who believe that God is listening
AND that He cares
AND that He is willing
AND that He’s able to intervene in our circumstances!

Just this morning I called John’s mom, Linda, so we could pray together.  The Schreck portion of my family has a special need.  And I knew that no one else was praying for them the way Linda and I were.  So, why not call and just pray together?!

(As the under 30’s would say, “Duh!”)

Because we don’t chat often on the phone, I immediately said, “Everything is alright!  I’m not calling because of a problem.” 

Linda breathed a sigh of relief and said simply, “Oh, good.”

(Mentor moment for the under 30’s – Mothers WILL panic!  Don’t scold us for this.  God equipped us to panic so we could have the strength to lift cars off you when you run out in front of them even though we told you not to!  Every mother reading this right now is nodding her head and thinking, “True!  That’s so true!”)

So I explained to Linda that while I was praying, the thought occurred to me that she and I could pray together.  Scripture does say there is additional power in “the prayer of agreement”. 

Linda said sure and began the praying while I did the agreeing.

In the middle of her prayer she said, “This is a small problem for a big God!”    

Profound, right?!

A small problem for a BIG God!

Since the end of our phone visit I’ve pondered that phrase again and again.  It applies to so many issues in my life.  Actually, it applies to every issue in my life!

  • When I feel overwhelmed. 
  • When I see no possible way. 
  • When I think it’s too much. 
  • When I question His timing. 
  • When I wonder if He has forgotten.   

I should simply rehearse the phrase – “This is a small problem for a Big God!”

Scripture is filled with examples proving the truth of this.  And if we pause long enough, we realize that even our lives are filled with examples that He is a Big God who cares very much for His children.

Looking at His greatness causes problems to diminish.

There’s really not a need to elaborate on that today.  I’m just finding such comfort in this simple phrase and thought you would as well.  Practice it for yourself today:


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