Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Random Check In

I've scheduled in three different blog times over the past six days and not ONE of them actually happened.

I did, however:
  • survive the government delay of all air travel during my trip to Mississippi and back.
  • meet many new friends at THE POINT in Columbus, MS.
  • preach through a migraine headache on Sunday.
  • meet two amazing ladies on two of the flights and share my love for Jesus with them.
  • RUN through the Atlanta airport to successfully make a connection.  (Where's America's Funniest Videos when you need them?!)
  • drink deeply of the hot tea Frank brought to Tampa International when he picked me up.
 I have to write about the wonderful people I met in Columbus.  I have to write about all the people- watching available to me while waiting and waiting and waiting in Atlanta.  I have to write about Abby's surgery day.  I have to write about how much I love the month of April and how sad I am that it's over.  I have to write about getting to hear the heartbeat of our grand baby due in October!  I have to write about my time with Spencer.  ("I see cows o' dere!" Yes, that is a five word sentence from a two year old!)

But for tonight, I could not lay my head down without a quick "Hi There!" And because of all the things I've listed above, I'm going to lay my head down pretty quickly.  And will HOPEFULLY write a true post tomorrow!


  1. Wow! You sound busy! And I love April too...could be because that is the month my husband and I had our first date as well as got married....

    1. Congratulations, Nicole! What anniversary of those two events will you mark this year? I can't imagine a more wonderful month for a wedding!

  2. Glad you are back. Have been wondering how the surgery went. Can't believe April has come and gone either- our NC weather can't decide if it is winter or spring. Becky