Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thank Heaven for Puffs

Being sick really stinks, doesn't it?!

Saturday my throat started talking to me (which I thought was odd.) Sunday morning I sounded like a famous bass singer with a southern gospel group. By Monday mid-morning I was carrying around a box of tissues! Finally I gave up and came home to try and recover.

May I say to the creators of Nyquil that I appreciate the necessity of the alcohol level in their product but couldn't they have made it taste a little bit better and burn a little less?!!!!

And don't you hate how when you're sick every move requires twice the energy while yielding half the results?

There are no brilliant, creative nor otherwise post-worthy thoughts running through my congested, drug-dribbled (see, I told you) head!

So, instead of trying to write today I'm going to opt to give in to this sickness; slather my bulbous red nose with vaseline; cuddle up to my Puffs tissue box; take one more monster vitamin C pill; fall back over sideways on the couch for a little while and hopefully leave you dear readers with a smile.

Here's to quick recoveries and good-natured laughter at another's expense!


  1. Well, I live in Connecticut and I got hit with it last week. This week feeling SO much better and am only occasionally froggy! Theraflu for severe cold & cough really helped me out (and knocked me out). Quick recovery, Lord!

  2. Quick! Hurry! Take this chance to rest before you get to feeling better again! :-) Hugs to you.