Monday, October 25, 2010

The Outfit Doesn't Matter

Such a shocking reality check took place this afternoon - and I'm sure you will enjoy it!

Meagan (our youngest daughter) teaches K-4 at a pre-school here in Winter Haven. Today, I ran by to borrow her car for a while. She was on the playground with her class when I arrived and she called me to come over. So I quickly headed across the parking lot to meet her little ones.

Now, most of you will remember the horrors I've periodically described about my life as a fashion-challenged woman. But I actually felt pretty good about what I had worn to work today.

(The problem reached epic proportions last week at the conference where I was the guest speaker. They had a great t-shirt designed specifically for their event and the leadership decided to wear the shirts with jeans for the final meeting. I worked in my hotel room for almost an hour trying to create an outfit composed of jeans and a t-shirt that made me feel:
  • confident enough to speak;
  • camouflaged enough to not jiggle;
  • conformed to the chosen uniform.
I failed miserably and finally fell exhausted into bed after determining to just wear what the girls had originally selected for me. Sigh.)

Back to the original story.

When Meagan called, I proceeded to crisply "priss" (southern term meaning: to walk as though you think you are cuter than you probably actually are) across the parking lot. I was wearing brown capris, a green top and little sandals that just brought the whole thing together. It's an outfit that makes me feel quite young and contemporary; if I do say so. That's when it happened.

(Cue scripture quotation: "Pride goes before a fall!" Smile.)

An adorable little guy with huge blue eyes and a brunette bowl cut stood pulling on the chain link fence. He spotted me coming across the parking lot and his face lit up like Christmas which of course made my heart soar. He started waving excitedly and calling out-

(Wait for it.............)


I stopped dead in my tracks. The tiny guy thought I looked like his grandmother!!

Yes, I know that technically I am already a grandma since Joy and John are now six months pregnant. But don't you get an adjustment period for becoming accustomed to the position of aged maternal figure - especially one recognized as such by the general public at large?!!!

I'm just saying! Thanks for listening.


  1. My favorite - hearing a voice calling "Grandma" - but then I have been a grandma for 16 years!

  2. My body started adjusting about 5 years ago. (Lack of exercise due to back injury and reducing harmones). Guess that was my adjustment period! THEN I became a grandparent 7 months ago! Little one's not saying my name yet, but I'm waiting...expectantly...joyfully...patiently! For now it's wonderful that he's excited to see me and smile at me EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

  3. You didn't finish the story...the little boy actually had to repeat himself several times because your hearing aid battery was on the blink. When you bent over to give him a hug, your hip went out and when you replied with your Southern charm voice, your teeth fell out. Ah, the life of a Grandma! :)

  4. Oooh, I love it! Especially your definition of "priss." I learned a new word today!