Thursday, May 6, 2010

Loud People

There are great noises at our house right now. The young adults group from church is over and although Kristin and Meagan are actually hosting, I still get the benefit of being around them all. The group includes everyone from 18-27. Some are "sweethearts"; we have one engaged couple; a couple of daters; some "I'm not interested at all" (uh huh); and one or two "I would think about it if you asked". What a mix! Smile.

The truly amazing thing is that our young adults pastor has been able to take this vast variation of people and in less than two years has turned them into a cohesive group that all care very deeply for one another. (Terrible run-on sentence but totally necessary.) And brace yourself, she is herself, a single woman in her mid-twenties. The group often refers to her as "Yoda!" because she operates with wisdom far beyond her years and experience. (No, pastor friends of ours, she is NOT looking to transfer. Don't even call.)

Right now, several of the group are gathered around our dining room table; laughing and telling things they wouldn't share with others. (I know this because when I walked through a moment ago, the conversation changed abruptly and quick glances were exchanged. How cute!)

The rest of the crew are outside playing what must be a pretty serious game of bean bag toss. I base this assumption on the intermittent cheers, squeals, and resounding "high-fives". MadGab is ready on the coffee table for later, along with cards and spoons. This will probably be a late night for the "oldie-goldies" of the house.

Truth be known, we don't mind a bit because they bring with them such a vibrant reminder of why we are involved in ministry. Life is just beginning to blossom for these dear ones and we are privileged to be part of this critical developmental stage. There aren't many long "heart-to-heart" conversations and we have no delusions of being wisdom-imparters or any such as that. They more often quote brilliant writers, theologians or song lyrics that have impacted them.

But every once in a while, we overhear someone use one of our common phrases. Or give someone else an illustration based on one of our life experiences. Or we discover they've made a good choice based on "long forgotten" advice from Pastor and our heart jumps.

I love the scripture that says, "I will tell of your goodness to the next generation." When you stop to think about it, that's pretty much a win-win part of our walk with God. So much of our personal relationship with Christ is something that merits being told anyway. And so we NEED someone to tell all these great stories. (You just have to get over being terrified that you will embarrass yourself. Count on it, at some point you will! I speak as one who knows. Smile.)

I would dare say that all of us have at least one incredible story of God's faithfulness in our life. We've hesitated sharing with anyone because we thought they just wouldn't be interested. Not so! Someone is waiting for the lessons you've learned, the miracle you've experienced, the discovery you've made. Don't be held back by fear.

This post took a little different turn than I had expected. I just have to trust that it was meant for someone and not allow myself to backspace furiously out of fear. (Smile.) See, we all battle it from time to time.

Be brave and tell your story to someone of the "next generation". It may make all the difference in their life....... and yours!


  1. I, for one, am very thankful for the investment you and Frank have made in a "certain" young man's life. Thanks for a great post.


  2. There is a saying that I learned from my dear previous Pastor that I can't stop saying. When something makes me happy I say, "well, that just turns my crank!" LOL!!! So, yes your wisdom plus a few other one-liners do creep into the vocabulary banks of the people hanging around your home!