Saturday, May 15, 2010

50% Power Level

What a marvelous way to recover!

Frank and I have spent the entire day moving along at 50% power. That might be better understood by saying we have not rushed for one single minute today. And if you know us very well, you know that this is an unusual thing for us.

Last week I caught some plants marked waaaaay down; a real kiss from heaven because I love getting to work in the flower garden. But because I've been sick all week, we couldn't get them in the ground. So this morning, Frank grabbed a comfy lawn chair for me; placed it where we needed to plant; then proceeded to dig the holes and let me participate as much or as little as I could. (The plants were a kiss from heaven, this was a kiss from my sweetheart. Smile.)

We created new flower beds under the oaks in the front yard which are just this year big enough to offer much-needed shade. I've been watching the path of the sun ever since the time change to see if anything would be able to hold up to the harsh afternoon rays of summer. Hopefully this will be the year we will have color in the front yard.

And as we worked under those two oaks, slowly - methodically, we thought about how small those trees were when we moved in just four years ago. Then we talked about how perfect those same trees will be in just a few more years when we need some branches for a tire swing and others for climbing! Ahhh, how bright the future.

We planted a rose bush I had snatched for two dollars, bunches of vinca in varying colors, along with a few other full-sun plants. But I must admit that they all pale in comparison to the new desert rose Frank bought for me this afternoon during our final Wal-mart run.

You see, my given name is Sharon which is found in the Bible describing a plain as well as a particular rose of the desert. When I was young and found both I asked my mom which my name meant. We were with friends and my mom who was always the comedian responded, "Well I wanted to name you for the rose, honey. But you turned out more like your mama, kinda plain. So I guess you're named for the plain of Sharon." We all laughed at the cute pun.

I'm sure Mom meant to come back around at some point and correct the joke. "Of course, you're named for the rose, Honey. I was only kidding." But that moment never actually came. (Note to self: don't leave things unsaid that I intend to say.)

A few years ago, friends in our church gave us our first desert rose. It was lovely! Strong pink flowers and deep green leaves shooting from bare, gnarled branches. One day as I was watering the plant, the Lord began to whisper to my heart, "This plant normally grows in a very harsh environment. The flowers are a delightful and refreshing surprise to weary desert travelers. The blooms are a testimony to my ability to create beauty where it is thought impossible. And that is how I see you, Sheri. You are my desert rose - Sharon." Such encouragement to my heart!

In the slow pace of today, I was able to hear that quiet whisper again bringing hope to my heart. What encouragement does He want to whisper to you, dear friend? Turn the power to 50% and listen for your own special message of love.

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