Monday, March 19, 2018

First and Third

I'm aware that "first and third" is most commonly heard in musical discussions.  Or maybe with directions being given.  "It's on the corner of First and Third."

But for us, First and Third describes our current life.

Our First daughter (Kristin) is pregnant with her First child.  Our Third daughter (Meagan) is pregnant with her Third child.  And Joy (middle daughter with four children)  is keeping them both calm!

Last week, our "adopted" daughter Amanda flew down to spend a few days with the "Frisisters."  (That's friend and sister blended.)  She is also pregnant with her third little boy.

It's a joyous time for our clan.  Some days I do indeed feel like the most abundantly blessed person around.

Yesterday, we celebrated Kristin and Cody's little guy with a family and friends shower.  We held it at their home so everyone could see their nursery.  (Completed the day before, they used the shower as a push to make it happen.  Smart plan!)

About 30 ladies.....and Cody.....spent the afternoon ooohing and aaahing and saying "How Precious!"  Um, the ladies were saying all that, not Cody.  :-)

Paula (Cody's mom) and I hosted.  The sisters helped with games and serving.  Closest family and friends literally did shower them with love and good wishes and all things baby related.

Most of you will remember, Cody is an only child.  Parker Franklin McGhee will carry on the McGhee name.  As Cody's dad was an only son and Native American, this is a special honor.

It's also a great honor that Parker will carry Papa's name.  Franklin means freedom and Parker means GateKeeper.  So they often say Parker is the Keeper of Freedom.  Powerful, right?!

Someone commented that because Parker will be our seventh grandchild, this must not be quite as special for us.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Which of your own children could you do without?  Each unique, each holds a spot only they can fill.

When my sister was born, I was almost 7 and became concerned that my parents would only love the new baby and forget all about the older kid.  I went to my mom with my fear.  "When the new baby comes, you won't have as much love for me anymore."  That's what made sense to in my little mind. 
She pulled me up onto her lap and shared this bit of lifetime wisdom with me.  "When God blesses a family with more children, the love in your heart is multiplied; not divided.  And the multiplying simply means there's more love to go around for Everyone!"

Isn't that true?!

Parker Franklin McGhee is the first of the first and the seventh in the bigger line.  But he already holds a place in the hearts of Noni, Papa, his aunts, uncles and cousins that belongs only to him.  Just like the spot held by Meagan and Nathan's baby who is third of the third and eighth in the bigger line.  :-)

Zach, the three year old, proved this last week.  He was standing in front of Aunt KayKay and everyone was talking over his head.  He started patting her belly and saying, "Pahkur, ooh, ooh Pahkur."  He's looking forward to the arrival of his newest cousin.

If you could see how they all look out for one another and how tender the bigger ones are with the new comers you would see the multiplied love in action.

The bigger truth is this, scripture says our Heavenly Father knew each one of us intimately while we were begin knit in our mother's womb.   You and I are more than one more number in the lineup.  We each fill a special place in His heart.

Aren't we grateful that the love of the Heavenly Father for us is multiplied by each child born into the Kingdom through Salvation?

Wow, my little mama was so smart!  :-)

Post Script: 
It is with great joy that we share, Meagan and Nathan are expecting another little boy!!  We are all over-the-moon excited!  There will, of course, be another post about their fun reveal party and all that the loquacious siblings brought to the celebration.  

Our grandchild count will go from 3 boys 3 5 boys 3 girls, this summer!   Oh, but fret not - those three girls can Hold Their OWN - trust me!  :-) 

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