Monday, October 30, 2017

Weather / Whether

It's COLD!!  And we're ecstatic!

I realize that this time of year, "cold" is a relative term.  But the past two days here in central FL have been absolutely Brilliant with their blustery coolness.  Please remember, any day in FL without humidity is Huge.

So, here's the real benchmark - our air conditioning unit which runs almost continually from March through December has been off 48 hours!  Yep, it's just that wonderful.

It was entirely too cold to sit out on the porch for devotions this morning. As I write, there's a blanket on my feet and my third cup of hot tea sitting beside me.  It's marvelous!  Completely marvelous!!

Fall hit the northeast weeks ago but not here.  Many of you are already experiencing your first snow.  We've still been using sunscreen.

I checked the temps this morning in two of my favorite places - Tel Aviv and London.  (60's and 40's.)  I knew friends there would be happy for us to be breathing a little easier in these parts.

Talk about a "Breath of Fresh Air.....!!"

Some may think it silly to be so bubbly about the weather. But my 25 years in North Carolina gave me a true appreciation for changing seasons.   Piling on the layers.  Snuggling under blankets.  Watching a fire roar to life; listening to its distinctive crackle.

Kristin and Cody have a real fire place in their little house.  So they will be hosting family dinner tonight.  We'll all enjoy servings of our official "cold weather foods" - Grandma Schreck's goulash, Meagan's taco soup and bread.   We'll pile into their living room and listen as the children relish the mysteries of a live fire.

You've probably caught on by now, it doesn't take much for us to celebrate.

Yesterday was a celebration day for Ava Quinn.  Her parents joined other parents of our church in dedicating their children to God.  Always such a special time.  Can you believe Ava is already five months old?

Not sure who told me this first but it's so true:  "When children are small the days seem to drag and the years seem to fly!"  

We also marked Cody's birthday last week which falls two days after their wedding anniversary each October.  They've now been married 3 years and Cody hit the Big 30!  Next week, we'll celebrate my Dad's 80th birthday together.  Great plans for that.

There have been other tidbits of news but I won't take time to share them today. Instead I'd just like to reference the title of this post by saying: Whether your weather be warm or wonderful; whether your children be under foot or over corporations; whether your celebrations be great or small, I pray you LIVE  LIFE to the FULL this week!



  1. I always quote a variation of that phrase
    "when your kids are little, sometimes days last forever but years fly by in the blink of an eye", so true, my kids are now 29 and 25 and I don't know where those years went....and I love what Floridians think is husband and I both grew up in NJ so we are used to cold winters.....well his sister moved down to Florida back in the last 70's, her husband was in the Coast Guard and they were coming up to visit us one Thanksgiving many years later, for us Jerseyans, it was like summer, a warm 60 and she came up with a heavy winter coat, long johns, flannel pj's, to her it was freezing!!! I hope you enjoyed your cozy dinner, we are having beautiful weather here in NC right now.

  2. Oh, Dale! I've done the same kind of packing when going back to visit NC family. LOL