Monday, October 23, 2017

Pot O' Gold

This may actually qualify as an addendum to the "Hospitality" post.

We just said good-bye to guests who turned my house upside down and inside out.  They were LOUD, persistent and kept insisting on our full attention.  One gentleman even went to the bathroom with the door wide open!

But these visitors also gave the best snuggles and kisses we've ever had.  So although I'm exhausted and still waiting for someone to pick up a rather mangy-looking teddy bear before bedtime, I couldn't be happier for their visit.

You've most likely guessed that we played the "Noni and Papa" role tonight.  I'm a bit ashamed to admit..........we only had the three big ones for dinner and games.  We lacked the courage necessary to tackle all six on a Monday night.

I kept the menu simple - TACOS!

Upon arrival, Abby found the "mach-kurs" and began coloring right away.  Papa helped make paper airplanes for the boys who immediately began challenging one another to see whose aviary accomplishment would fly farthest.

Noah (4) volunteered to pray for our meal.  He thanked the Lord profusely for Noni and Papa having them over.

Spencer finished every bite.  He's six and knew all the right moves for grown up dining.  "No, we have to sit and wait for everyone to finish."  

Abby (5) requested seconds of the chips but not the meat.  Fine with Noni!  Nutrition is no longer my responsibility.

Papa cleaned the kitchen while I helped with coloring projects and organized puzzle pieces.  (Can't do that with the two year olds around.)

Once everything was put away, someone announced, "Time for hot tea!"  So we produced everyone's special cups and moved to the screened porch to share our tea. Each of them chose books for Noni to read while we sat and listened to the rain.

Abby and Spencer have spirit week at school which means costumes for each day.  Today was pajama day.  Easy enough, except Spencer left home with shoes, socks, pajamas and ONLY Pajamas!  Daddy had to make a quick trip back home for that must have additional "under" layer.

Tomorrow is "book character" day.  So Abby will be a make believe princess and Spence will be Mark Twain.  Abby said Mommy has her costume all set except the jewels.  Then she flashed that adorable, dimpled grin in my direction.  I didn't exactly run to my jewelry box but it didn't take long to get there.

Needless to say, her blue eyes lit up when she saw herself in the mirror once Noni had finished outfitting her with "jewels"!

Just that fast, the evening was winding down and it was time to transport our treasures back home for bedtime.  Hugs.  Kisses.  Thank you's in abundance.  A flurry of collecting socks, shoes, airplanes, books.  One desperate dash to the potty.  Seat belts buckled and "I love you's" yelled over the drizzling rain.

Tail lights exiting the drive signaled I could safely plop down on the couch with a sigh of relief.  Joy and Meagan are truly my heroes!

"Sheri, what about the title of the post?" you may be thinking.

During dinner I happened to mention that Papa and I had seen a rainbow right over our neighbor's house this morning.  It was unexpected because it hadn't rained yet.  Spencer spoke up and said, "I'd sure love to find that pot of gold!"

Faster than a leprechaun could leap a four-leaf clover I looked at him with a serious expression and said,  "Papa and I have three pots of gold right here!"

Spencer's eyes went wide.  Abby looked up from her plate.  Noah asked first, "Wehar, Noni!  Wehar's de goald?"

"Why, it's right here and here and here!"  I pointed slowly to each child.  Noah got that far away puzzled expression he gets when processing what he's heard.

When realization dawned, he broke out in a huge grin, "Noni, I not a pot o goald."  

"Yes you are, sweet boy!  You and Spencer and Abby are BETTER than any pot of gold to Papa and Noni!" 

They all three beamed.

How about you?  What's your favorite memory from visiting your grandparents?  Any funny stories from your own visiting treasures?  Comments are always welcome!

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  1. haha..this is something very funny and interesting story. sometimes, guests really makes you irritating but sometimes you enjoyed some best time of your life. well, i am litle busy right now and will share my memories next time.