Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Madison Ryleigh

She's Here!

She made it almost full term and weighed in at a healthy 7 pounds 9 ounces!  Noah's baby sister, Madison Ryleigh Smith, a.k.a. the newest cousin of Spencer and Abby, has arrived safe and sound!

(Cue trumpets and angel choir with chorus of "HALLELUJAH!!")

This little angel looks very much like her own precious mom looked when she was put into my arms some 27 years ago.  We told Meagan and Nathan that out of five grandchildren, it was nice to finally have one that looks at least a wee bit like the Hawley side.

(Zachariah Schreck makes his appearance in three short weeks.  It's pretty certain that he will follow the DNA track of his siblings.  He'll look nothing at all like his mom, Joy!  Abby has mannerisms like her mom but those kids will always be recognized as their daddy's children.  Good thing John is handsome.)

Once Meagan had the all clear from her doctor, she started walking and dancing and cleaning.  Any and all activity that she had been restricted from for fear of it sending her into labor, became the very activity she activated.

She was ready to deliver that baby!

Last Monday night after family dinner, the contractions hit a steady three minutes apart.  Around 10:00 pm, she and Nathan headed for the hospital.  By 11:30 we got the call, "They've admitted Meagan.  Madi is definitely on her way."

John stayed with Spencer and Abby.  One of our trusted teens from church came to stay with Noah.  And off to the hospital we went to pray and wait in the designated waiting area.

Being the organizer she is, Kristin brought snacks and drinks.  She also urged us all to bring a blanket and pillow.  Joy brought her experience.  She held Meagan's hand and cheered compassionately.  We were ready for the long night of labor to commence.

But Meagan was blessed with a relatively short labor when Noah was born.  She had every expectation that the same would happen with Madi - and it did.

A little after 2 AM I wandered back over near the labor room.

A nurse came running out, "She's ready to deliver!"

The doctor who was sauntering in that direction was startled, "She's delivering now?!"

"Yes!" was the curt response.  "Right now!"

They both sprinted into the room.

I hurried back to the waiting area and reported the information I'd gleaned through my eaves-dropping. 

And twenty-four minutes later, we heard the first precious cry!

I once read this lovely quote by Carl Sandburg, "A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on!"

My heart says AMEN to that!


  1. Such a sweet, sweet little miracle sent to us. Thanks for telling her story so beautifully. Love you!

  2. So glad that Meagan's labor wasn't terribly long. I saw pictures of sweet Madison on Becky's blog and she is absolutely PRECIOUS!! Congratulations to the entire family!! :)

  3. When my first son was born and they placed him in my arms, my husband and I looked at him and I said "Wow Rick we cloned you". When my second son was born, I said "Wow, we did it again and this time the baby has your ears also". My standing joke is that we know who the father is but I want DNA testing to see whether I am really their mother. :) As the boys have aged, I do see a little bit of me in my older son's look and he definately has my easy going personality but I tell you , the youngest is all his father, through and through. Precious pictures of the baby on Becky's blog. Thank you for sharing your family with all of us.

    1. Joy knows just how you felt! :-) We're waiting to see just how much Zach will look like his dad!