Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Frank knows hospitals like an eagle knows flight!

He's totally comfortable in any hospital.  Any where.  Any time.

Me?  Not so much!

He trained and worked in a regional hospital while we lived in Asheville, NC.  Up until recently, my only experience with hospitals was limited to emergency rooms, trauma and the labor/delivery area.  All experiences with more than just a little tension involved.

That has had to change.

Not only do we have numerous church members needing hospital care right now.  We also have two daughters pregnant at the same time.  With due dates differing by only a few days.  With one on bed rest and the other caring for TWO toddlers.  It has had to change.

Suddenly, I'm spending a LOT of time at doctor's offices, talking with nurses, watching monitors, listening to beepers, offering ice chips, even pushing the occasional wheel chair.

Meagan has gone into labor twice (that required hospital intervention.)  She has become so accustomed to the labor pains that she now knows the drill for trying to stop them at home.  LARGE amounts of water, in a warm bath, resting on her side, deep breathing.

She and Nathan have it down to a science.

I've spent most of those moments walking around; quietly trying to help entertain Noah and whispering prayers.

Saturday marked her thirty-sixth week.  Madison Ryleigh is now totally viable and the doctor has no intention of stopping labor next time the contractions again reach three minutes.  (Meagan was a little disappointed that during church Sunday the contractions were only six minutes apart.  Oh, the new normal!)

We've all been focused on Meagan's delivery which has seemed eminent at any moment for the past six weeks.

Last night, the tables turned!

Joy (due July 15th) had been incredibly uncomfortable all day long.  Lots of nausea.  Pressure.  Lots and lots of pressure.  She had seen the doctor the day before and he gave the all clear.  But there was absolutely NO relief for her.

Around 8 PM, he said for her to go to the hospital as a precaution.  You see, Spencer and Abby both liked where they were and  preferred to NOT to be born by regular means.  So, the doctor went in after them.  Joy gave birth via cesarean section.  That means Zachariah will need to be a C-Section birth as well.

When that's the case, the little incubator mommie can't be allowed go into labor as it will cause problems for the little incubating baby.

The Daddy (John) is currently in Miami on a missions trip with students from our church.  They are working long hours in the heat and gathering with other students from all over FL for services in the evenings.  While planning this trip in January, we thought it perfectly okay for him to lead the team as Joy would be six weeks from her due date.


Aunt Kristin and Uncle Cody jumped into action to cover Spencer and Abby.  Noni (who could do without hospitals) and Poppa (who could minister in hospitals every day) loaded up the mommie we didn't expect to take to the hospital and took her to the hospital rather quickly.  In a driving rain, just for added effect!

Fortunately, they were able to stop her contractions with the help of two massive bags of fluids and an IV - which the nurses kept calling her "Date" for the evening.  (Humor.  Always good medicine!)

We finally stumbled home around 1 AM and got Joy settled in bed.  She made the call that John (who was ready to start the four-hour drive from Miami) should stay put and finish the trip with the students and other leaders.

There's nothing whimpy about my girls!

It's true.  I would be perfectly content to never visit a hospital again.

But it's also true that I'm incredibly grateful.  Grateful for the wonderful professionals working in hospitals everyday to give my girls, my church members, my extended family and friends the care they so desperately need in times of crisis.

In just a few minutes, I'll get into my car and drive to a hospital in Orlando to visit a dear church member.  Their situation is not pleasant.  But once again, it's the medical professionals who are making it bearable. 

So as Noah would say, "TANKS!"  (Thanks for ALL you do for the communities you serve!)


  1. busy life for you and the waiting mama's. Love the words that you use to share your life with us - I can just picture it all in my mind's eye. Still praying for those sweet little ones to be that they stay nestled within mama's until the exact time God has planned for them to come

  2. Oh my. Two at the same time. Stress indeed!! Praying that both pregnancies continue to be healthy and for both of the mommies and babies as well. :)

    1. It's definitely exciting, Leeanne! We once thought it would be "sweet" if all three girls were pregnant at the same time - not any longer! :-)