Monday, April 28, 2014

Such Fun!

My heart is full to over-flowing!

While life is never dull; seldom slow; hardly ever boring........the past ten days have taken us to warp speed and have caused my head to spin a bit!

Ten short days ago, I was blissfully enjoying a day of shopping with the girls and babies.  We were looking for the final elements needed for perfect Easter outfits.  (I ended up repeating a faithful skirt and blouse that looked "Easter-y".)

Riding in Joy's car meant joining in with the impromptu "sing-along" led by Spencer and Abby.  Favorites like "Bress de Yord O my shoul....." and "Oh, happy day! He wajsed my shins away..."

Periodically, Abby called out from the back seat, "YOUD!  Noni, shing Youd!"  Which means, "Turn up the volume! Get more involved! This is important!"

Just before reaching the next store, Spencer quietly starting singing, "Up frum de grabe He aroj..."  (Up from the grave He arose.)  I thought, "Oh, how precious!  He knows the first part of our favorite Easter song."

But he didn't stop with the first phrase.  He sang the ENTIRE chorus!  By himself!  Complete with hand motions on the last three lines!

Tears immediately sprang to my eyes as I looked over at Joy.  She was shaking her head and smiling.

 "That was supposed to be a surprise for family sunrise service," she said apologetically.  Grandma Linda started teaching it to him during her last visit.  Joy had helped him finish learning it and even Abby got in on the action.

No Easter basket, new frock, nor hat and gloves available in all the world could have made my Resurrection Celebration more special!  (No, I don't wear a hat.  But it would be fun, don't you think?)

Adding to our Easter excitement was knowledge of another coming surprise.

Mr. Cody McGhee of Auburndale, FL had asked permission from Pastor Frank Hawley to propose to one Kristin Nicole Hawley!

We all conspired to work around his plans - surprising her topped his list of requirements.  I'm saving the details for another post.  It truly was a most romantic proposal.  You'll smile through the entire story.


Frank and I pulled last minute details together preparing to fly to Delaware to speak for a couple's retreat.  Several meetings took place right up until 10PM Wednesday, making sure GGC was set for their weekend.

We got up at 5AM Thursday, packed, dashed back by the office one last time.  Our friend Johnny met us there and we headed for Tampa International.  Fifty minutes later, he dropped us off at the departing area and we joyfully waved farewell.

Joking and laughing, Frank and I navigated our luggage inside, stepping up to the check-in counter.  There were no lines so we were able to exchange a few words with the friendly lady serving as greeter.  As we talked, I fished out my wallet for I.D. Frank started patting his pockets.

"What's wrong, Honey?"

"I can't find my.......   Oh, NO!"

"What?!"  His intense look told me all I needed to know before he even spoke.

"I left my wallet in our car - at the church!"

Please understand, we aren't novice travelers.  We have a routine that usually helps us avoid such disastrous moments.  In fact, we'd only gotten a couple blocks from the church when I realized I'd left my purse on my desk.  We had to turn around and get it.  Frank has most gracious and didn't complain a bit.

That generosity was about to come back to him!

The greeter noticed our scramble and stepped up.  She went directly to a supervisor to ask what could be done.  The only ID Frank had with him was a business card and I had a bank card with his name.

We knew there was NO WAY for us to make our flight.  We'd be flying into Philadelphia later than expected IF we could get someone to bring Frank's wallet to Tampa!

But miraculous favor was resting on us.  There's no other explanation.  Each step along the way, agents accompanied us to explain the dilemma.  The TSA agent did a total pat down and meticulously swiped every item in Frank's carry on bag.

One hour later we were sitting on the plane - as scheduled! 

I hear Abby's little voice, "Shing, Noni!  Shing YOUD!"

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