Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Follow the Leader

I just can't do it!

I can not allow the month of April (my favorite month) to come to a close and only have posted on Embrace the Grace twice!

If I did, it would be for ever and always.......April, 2014 (2).  

Readers would ponder and question, "Sheri could only think of TWO things to post about?  Sheri couldn't come up with even one more story of encouragement to share?"

That will never do!

Yes, I plan to write all about the PROPOSAL!  It's a story you will truly love.  (Pun totally intended!)

Yes, I have other thoughts to write about and elaborate upon.

But this story is time sensitive.  It will lose its potency if I wait until April, 2015 to tell it.  And since some of you are just now finishing off the candy in your kids' Easter baskets, it will still be relavent.

So here goes.......

We intentionally planned to share our Easter dinner on the Monday after because of all the excitement on Sunday.  In the early afternoon I dashed to the store and snagged several items from the Easter candy aisle that had already been marked 50% off.  Along with other things,  I chose thirty plastic eggs filled with candies.

About twenty minutes before the grands were to arrive, Poppa and I headed outside to "hide" all the plastic eggs in plain sight around the back yard.  The smile on my face stretched from ear to ear and froze there.  I was so excited!  Our first real Grandbaby Easter egg hunt!

Kristin produced two brightly colored paper bags.  (Because Noah is still a little young to search for Easter eggs, we opted for an outfit to mark his first Resurrection Celebration.)  When Abby and Spencer burst on to the scene, we quickly herded them toward the back door.

"Look at what I have for you," said Poppa holding up a single blue egg.  "We have lots of these hiding outside for you.  When we go out, you start looking.  You'll see them all over everywhere!"  He handed each toddler a paper bag.

Spencer understood right away and started jumping up and down.  I think there was even some squealing.  Abby looked over at Brother and did a "foot-on-the-ground" jump; then beamed up at Poppa.  (If Brother can, she can!)

Frank opened the door and yelled, "GO!"

Meagan had the camera on ready.  Abby looked a little confused until I took the toe of my shoe and "uncovered" the egg closest to her.  She steadied herself, bent from the waist and fumbled with chubby hands trying to secure the purple beauty for her green bag.

The camera clicked wildly, attempting to capture the look on that little face - shining with victory!

Spencer had dashed off in the direction Poppa indicated.

In just a moment, victory was his as well!  His joyous shout echoed off the fence.  Short legs pumped purposefully as he dashed back toward us.

"Yook!  Yook!  I found two!"  He clutched an egg in each hand.

What happened next made me cry.

"Yook, Abby!  One for me...............and one for you!"  Big Brother carefully deposited the pink egg in Abby's paper bag.  Then he turned and ran back toward Poppa just as if every three year old child gladly shares when given the opportunity.

Yep, I cried.  Meagan and I both cried.  When we told the story later, Poppa and Kristin cried.

The phrase that comes to mind for closing?   "......a little child shall lead them!"  May it ever be so for us all!


  1. What a wonderful little boy, and what wonderful parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles who have taught him to share naturally and cheerfully! :)

    1. Thanks, Angela! We're thankful to be part of his life! :-)

  2. Awww....that's so sweet! Kudos to the parents for teaching and showing him how to share and to love so unselfishly! :) I sure wish you knew how to post pictures..... ;-)