Thursday, January 9, 2014


I am so sick of being SICK!

The dictionary describes me as, "Suffering from or affected with an illness; afflicted..."

Well, the Vitamin C Queen is just about done with all this afflicted-ness!

Embrace the Grace readers are undoubtedly some of the most patient/faithful readers there are.   I'm well aware that I haven't written since Christmas Day.  So much has taken place since then in your life as well as in mine.

I haven't written because I've been struggling along with three different illness issues and kept waiting to be "out of the woods" before writing.

Obviously THAT plan hasn't worked so well!

"What in the world is going on?" 

I'm so glad you asked!

First, there's the little matter of a left shoulder that has frozen up.  It arbitrarily decided that it would no longer lift my arm beyond a ninety degree angle. 

Then when I went to a physical therapist (in early December) and started trying to force it to work - it decided to start aching.  Kinda like a toothache, only bigger. 

It's also a lonely, uncooperative shoulder.  So it routinely wakes me up at night; just for the company.

I started getting on top of the shoulder issue with the help of ice/heat packs, ibuprofen, gentle exercises and stubborn determination. 

Frank will always remember our thirty-fourth anniversary fondly.  I wore the lovely fragrance called "Ben-Gay" for our dinner date!  Oh, how times change!

In spite of the horrible weather most of you have been experiencing, the Schreck family made it back to FL in time for our Christmas day together - January 4th. Unfortunately, the bug they were exposed to in New York managed to catch the same flight.

Our Christmas celebration ended with first John then Abby throwing up and Spencer sharing some horrible stomach difficulty.  

Meagan and Nathan frantically snatched up Noah, their gifts, the diaper bag and FLED!  Unfortunately, they didn't get out before some of the bug hitched a ride with them. 

We all made it through Sunday, then started falling like flies.  First Noni (who took a short nap snuggled next to Spencer the day of the infecting.)  Then Uncle Nathan.  Yesterday it was Meagan. 

And when the stomach bug finished it's all out attack on me, a sinus bug that had waited patiently in the wings sprang into action. 

I've now spent two days walking around with a tissue box in my hand, staying on a bland diet, sucking on cough drops, keeping an ice pack lashed to my shoulder and stinking like analgesic rub!

Yep, I'm about ready to be healthy again!

Sorry to whine.  But I would like to ask that you please say a prayer for our beleaguered little tribe.  The well ones are about worn out caring for the rest of us.

Hopefully, I'll be back on track soon with some inspiration and humor to share. 

Happy New Year!


  1. Love you Pastor Sheri, praying joy and healing to be with you right now. In the name of Jesus I pray that He touches you and heals you and the family, Love you all.

    1. Amberly, thanks for your prayer! Such a tender and responsive heart - as always!

  2. Oh Sheri, I am so sorry!! (Although the Ben Gay line did make me giggle.)

    You deserve an award of fortitude for soldiering through a busy enough season--made even more crazy by a floating flu bug. Many, many hugs being sent.

  3. Sheri! I'm so sorry! Sending prayers! I went through the frozen shoulder a few years ago - I feel your pain! Do the exercises on your other shoulder too. After I finally got mobility back and had a happy shoulder, the other one did the same thing (solidarity I assume!). Evidently that is very common! Yikes!! Take care, hope everyone is better soon!

    1. Holly, thanks for that information. I will certainly follow your advice - don't ever want to travel this way again! :-)

  4. Sheri - hoping that all of you are feeling better now. Prayers for all of you. Love the Ben Gay perfume - Bio Freeze also works well. Have a blessed day full of joy

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