Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Available Help

I ran out of dishwasher detergent - and it became a real problem!

It happened last week.   I reached under the sink and grabbed the dishwasher detergent container.  (It had already spent two days resting upside down so the last little dribbles of detergent could be salvaged.)

Empty!  Completely and totally devoid of any liquid with which one could clean dishes. Serious dilemma.  The dishwasher was FULL.  I had to be at work NOW.  No one would be coming home until well after 9 PM.  What to do?

Wasteful, I know - but I ran the dishwasher without detergent.  Fully aware that the process would have to be repeated when detergent was finally obtained.

I hate to admit this to you, dear reader.  But it was two more days before I was able to address the dishwasher dilemma again.

Frank and I started to pick up some detergent at the local grocery but it was so much more expensive than what I usually buy at Sam's.  I couldn't bring myself to do it. 

Finally, we had a morning at home.  Lots of tasks to complete before leaving for a funeral.  I still had a dishwasher full of unwashed dishes and not enough time to go all the way to Sam's.

So, I got ready to unload the dishwasher and laboriously wash each dish by hand!  Not looking forward to it - but it seemed no other option was left.

Something urged me to take one more look in the storage pantry in our garage.

(We lovingly refer to that pantry as The Beast!  John built it to help with storage for the short time he and Joy lived with us.  Floor to ceiling.  One entire wall of the garage.  It is indeed a beast!)

And there it was, hiding behind the extra case of green beans.  (I forgot I already had one case, okay.)  It smiled at me - one last gallon container of dishwasher detergent!

The help I'd needed all that week had been tucked away in my very own storage pantry and I didn't even know it.  And not just a dribble of help - an abundance of help.  For an entire week I had fretted and the answer was within easy reach all along.  

I just hadn't put forth enough effort in my search!

Taking care of the dirty dish dilemma in the most difficult way was no longer necessary.  I now had the help I needed!

(Some of you already know where I'm headed with this, right?!)

God promises that He will be a very present help in our time of need!  Always there; never leaving us.

All we have to do is sincerely call for Him!  (Another way of saying that might be to diligently search!)

The help I need for my  "life" dilemma is available.  And His help is abundant!  What better assistance  could we have than the One who runs the universe?!

We just have to believe the promise that He is available whenever we need  Him.  Then ask for the help. 

Don't work through your dilemma the hard way; stop fretting.  Help is within easy reach!  Lean on His wisdom.  Search out His solution.

Trust me, you'll be so very glad that you did!


  1. Good word, so true.. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Sheri, Just have to thank you for reminding me of this important point. Once again I found what I needed on this site. I haven't been sleeping well with ALL the "stuff" in my life. During my next 3am chat will try to be more diligent about asking for help and accepting!

    1. I'm thankful with you, Karen, that He is patient with the learning curve! Praying with you that the "stuff" clears out soon. :-)

  3. I love you, Sheri!