Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mommie and Daddy

He’s Here!

The Young Prince has arrived and he is PERFECTION wrapped in wrinkly skin!

It’s taken me a while to get my feet back on the ground.  Everything became a scramble for a few days.  But today I can write finally.

Noah Jacksen has already won all our hearts. 

Introducing him to his cousins was a precious moment.  You must visit, the blog site of Noah’s other grandmother, to see the fantastic picture Becky captured.  (I’m forever in the debt of her photographic genius self!)

Spencer had been “talking” to Noah for months because he understood that his baby cousin was growing in Aunt MehMeh’s tummy.  So when Meagan came down the hall with Noah in her arms, Spencer just stared with a confused expression for some time. 

It took no time for Abby to open her little mouth into a joyful oval; start patting her hands ecstatically and reaching to touch Noah. 

Meagan knelt down in front of them and quietly explained that we must be gentle with Noah.  “Touch him on the foot, gently.  Good job!  Yes, you may kiss the back of his head.  Just be really careful."

First Spencer then Abby placed the most delicate of angel kisses on the back of Noah's tiny, platinum blonde head.  Abby wheeled around to face us all with a look of sheer ecstasy!

Meagan was BORN to be a mother!  All three of our girls dragged around baby dolls until after their tenth birthdays.  And they all have great nurturing skills.

But Meagan became known as "The Baby Whisperer" before her teen years.  Crying children melt and grow quiet when Meagan works her magic.

Whether in a check out line, a restaurant, a new church, even overseas - children have been drawn to Meagan.  We've watched in amazement through the years.  And have always celebrated the fact that when her own children were born, they would be loved, nurtured and cared for by a pro.

Nathan had the opportunity to experience Real Baby Life during the year that the Smiths shared a home with the Schrecks.  So Noah's miniature self doesn't intimidate his daddy at all.

In fact, there was a moment in the delivery room about an hour after Noah's birth that brought tears to my eyes and will live forever in my memory.

We had just stepped in to meet Noah for the very first time.  Meagan was propped up on pillows looking like her labor had been no big deal at all.  (Unbelievable!)  And Nathan, standing over to the side, was actually the one holding the young prince.

Noah, swaddled tightly, seemed to fit perfectly in the crook of Nathan's strong arm.  As we slipped over to kiss Meagan, Noah gave a little whimper.  Nathan looked into the tiny eyes, began to jiggle his son gently and with great conviction whispered, "It's okay, Daddy's here.  Daddy's right here, little guy.  It's okay."

With Meagan for a Mommie and Nathan for a Daddy, I tend to believe that everything will be just as he said.  A Okay! 

On a side note.  Frank has been planning to accompany a team of 21 from our church on a missions trip to El Salvador for some time.  His participation depended, of course, on the projection that Noah would most likely arrive early.  Check!

Around 2 PM yesterday, we got word that one of our team members had dropped out and the vacancy needed to be filled.   SOOOOOO.......

I've been chosen to take that spot and must now do in three days what I did in four months last year.  We leave Sunday!  Yes, I could really use your prayers!  Asking for Peace and Super-sonic Packing Skills!  Can't just SAY you love missions and not put action to the words.  So here we go!  

Prayers Appreciated!


  1. I saw the picture of the cousins meeting and it is beautiful. Spencer looking at Meagan, with a look I can't even put into words, and Abby's facial expression and Grandpa in the background, what a keepsake picture! What a beautiful family, all of you. Prayers coming your way!

    1. That will soon be a framed print in Noni's office! Thank you for the compliment and prayers! :-)

    2. I had never even heard that story about Nathan in the delivery room; it brought tears to my eyes!

      Godspeed as you go. Thanks for your gracious hospitality this week in the midst of a very busy time; thanks, even more for your friendship. Love you!