Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Oval Office and A Coach

(Rather long.  Really encouraging!)

I absolutely LOVE when our Father sends "kisses from Heaven"!

You know:
  • A special scripture answering the question you pondered this morning.  
  • A hug or phone call when you need it most.  
  • A song on the radio that brings a flood of encouragement.
  • A miracle moment you could never orchestrate for yourself!
A "kiss from heaven" that seems to say, "I know where you are!  I haven't forgotten my promises!  I love you more than you could ever know!"

I'm going to tell you about two such kisses that took place for our family in just the past seven days.

Near the top of Frank's Bucket List (things he hopes to do before moving to Heaven) is this item:
                      Stand in the Oval Office of the President of the United States

(Yes, he does dream big!  And that's one of the reasons I love him so!)

We've visited Washington, D.C. several times.  We've toured the White House.  We've shaken hands with people who have stood in that office.  We've seen the office on television.  We've stood in replicas of said office.

But Frank has yet to fulfill the actual item on his list of standing in the Oval Office.  Sigh.

This week, Frank is in Los Angeles, California with Ted, the men's director of GGC.  They've worked at the Dream Center.  (An amazing eight story ministry center located right in the heart of the city.)  They've toured the headquarters of Ted's business.  They've seen two ball games.  And today, they got to lead TEN PEOPLE to faith in Christ!

It's turning out to be a monumental trip.

("Sheri, Los Angeles is a long way from Washington, DC."  I know, just stick with me a minute.)

Last night when Frank called, his voice was tight with emotion and excitement.  He instructed me to have our family pray.  He was about to experience something amazing!

My history buff husband had convinced Ted to take a drive down Azusa Street which is a significant landmark for Pentecostal believers.  On Azusa Street sits an historical site known as the Bonnie Brae House.

It was here, in 1903, that a young African American man named William Seymour sought God until there came a powerful revival impacting Los Angeles and eventually all of North America.  Rev. Seymour was known as a man of prayer; spending six to eight hours a day shut away in a tiny room calling out to God.

He routinely preached with an orange crate over his head because his face often glowed and he didn't want any attention drawn to himself.  All attention had to focus on Christ alone.  We've known about and admired Rev. Seymour's passion for many years.

Last night as they walked past the Bonnie Brae house on Azusa Street, Frank noticed that although the gate by the sidewalk was locked, the door to the house was open.  So, in typical North Carolina fashion, he stood by the gate and began calling to whomever might be inside.  "Hello!  Hello!"

Long story short, within minutes, Frank and Ted were being given a private tour of the historical house.  And his ecstatic phone call was to involve us in a significant moment.

The care taker had granted permission for Frank to have a few minutes praying in the very room where William Seymour spent so much time alone with God.

 It was a powerful encounter!

Not because of the room itself.  There was no power in the tiny 8 X 8 cubicle with wood floors and undecorated walls.  But men had gone into that room hungry to experience the presence of God.  And His promise is that if we seek Him......He will be found!

As I journaled about this wonderful moment this morning, the Father whispered to me, "Frank has wanted to stand in the Oval Office - a room of authority and power.  I gave him that experience.  But this was a room of heavenly authority and power!"


And the Coach?  What's that about?

Well at our General Council last week, there was a special event for minister's wives.  A lovely reception planned for nine hundred women.  Kristin and I volunteered to help the team decorating

We worked quickly putting out the gifts provided for each guest along with several pamphlets.  Kristin was her normal meticulous self.  Placing each item with care; hoping to make the ladies feel even more special.

The women's director had said it would be fine for Kristin to get a ticket and attend the event.  So at 1:00, we hurried back to the hall.  We wanted to be there when the other ladies began arriving.

The air was electric.  And I was having the time of my life welcoming minister's wives, helping them find friends and locate seats.  The noise level rose quickly from all the voices as the hall filled with precious servants of God.

Kristin and I met the national director, Kerry Clarensau, last spring.  Such a warm and encouraging person.  We were thrilled for her that the event (which had been her dream) was such an obvious success.

Halfway through the program, the planning committee was introduced.  Each one stepped to the microphone and told a little about herself.  She then drew the name of someone attending and presented that lady with a door prize specially chosen by the committee member.

When Kerry took the microphone and held up her door prize, it was a purse.  She loves purses and had chosen one to give away to some lucky lady. 

Kristin shares that love.  I have a picture of her as a two year old with her arm straight in the air, the strap of my big purse over her shoulder, bag dragging along behind her.

"And my purse goes to.........Kristin Harvey!"  Kerry announced.  Everyone began applauding and looking around.

"No, wait.  That's Kristin Hawley!!" 

Our table erupted in squeals and cheers and exclamations of disbelief as Kristin headed to the front.  She beamed as Kerry embraced her. Out of 900 names, she had drawn Kristin's!

And you see, it wasn't just any purse.  It wasn't Kristin's normal bargain purse.  It was a genuine COACH!  (Which I've learned, is a very nice purse indeed!)  A purse Kristin's only ever dreamed of owning.

Reminds me of another scripture, "God does exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ask or even think!"

Kisses from Heaven in the form of an office visit and a purse.

He knows where we all are! He remembers His promises!  He loves us all more than we could ever know!


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  1. Loved this post - loved even more that 10 folks got lead to Christ....O Happy day! Thanks for your blog! I love it Becky in NC