Monday, August 5, 2013

Jam Packed

Life is never dull!

I think that's pretty much true for everyone I know.

Whether they live in a city or in the country.  Parents of small children, teenagers, adult children or no children.  Big family or small family.  It matters not whether they work days, nights or both.  Take extra classes or don't.  Work two jobs or one.  Use internet or don't.

We're a bunch of busy people!

Frank and I just concluded an extremely wild week. When we finally sat down last night, all we could do was sit beside one another and stare straight ahead.  We were too tired to even watch a video or read.

Now that's too tired!

I won't bore you with a blow by blow description.  But all our planning did lead to a whirlwind 36 hours that included-but was not limited to-the following: a mission outreach for the men, a baby shower for Meg and Nate, dinner at a Sweet 16 party, laundry and packing for our national conference, hosting a Sunday morning guest speaker, a leadership luncheon following church,  mentoring time for Frank and myself, as well as a couple of hospital visits squeezed in between.

Nope, you'll never hear me complain about being bored!

But I also know that life is short. 

So in the middle of all that excitement, I made sure I got a few minutes with Spencer and Abby.  I patted Meagan's belly and said hello to Noah.  I rubbed Frank's head, talked with my dad, hugged Kristin and Joy, told John and Nathan how amazing I think they are.  AND had brunch with my dear friend, Becky Smith!

This week is the biennial gathering of our fellowship (the Assemblies of God) in Orlando.  Beginning with registration this afternoon, we'll be on the run until next Friday. 

We'll sit in services with amazing speakers, prayerfully participate in business meetings, attend late night reunions and early morning memorials. 

One of the most exciting parts of this General Council is that one of our very own GGC students, Kendall Katina, made it to nationals with her presentation for Fine Arts.  (Fine Arts is a program giving A/G teenagers a great competitive venue for expressing creative gifts.  Over 10,000 students will participate in Orlando this week.) 

So of course we'll skip whatever the adults are doing when it's time for her to go on stage!

And rest assured there will be intentional lunches, coffees or even sitting in service with dear friends from all over the country that we haven't seen since the last General Council.  Those hugs and snatches of catching up are the recharge needed by this "Energizer Bunny"!

Yep, life is jam packed.  But we all know that jam makes dry toast a treat! 

May the Lord give us all eyes to see our busy lives as the "treat" they truly are!

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