Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I absolutely hate feeling cornered!

Sometimes I even have to deal with small amounts of claustrophobia. 

Like the day during our renovations that a cord under our platform wasn't co-operating.  John and Frank had used every "fishing" technique at their disposal and still couldn't access the evasive electrical cord.

When I came down to the auditorium, it was already 6 PM and I was done for the day!

They couldn't leave until the cord was accessed.  And neither of them could squeeze under the platform to reach it.

The quickest solution was painfully obvious.
So I got down on my belly.  Pin-pointed the EXACT location of the cord. (It was about ten feet beyond the opening.)   Took a deep breath.  And began inching my way under the incredibly low platform.

Frank kept his hand on my ankle as long as possible.  He and John both kept up the verbal encouragement.  And I kept my eyes FIXED on the cord!

No looking around.  No giving in to my brain as it screamed how ridiculous this was.  No thoughts of panic.

Nothing more than, "This is helping the men you love.  Get the cord.  Then Get Out!"

I acted like it had been no big deal once I was out and able to stand up.  I casually brushed off my slacks to camouflage my trembling hands and said, "Alright, let's go home!"

The calm exterior totally fooled the men I was trying to impress.  But my insides were quivering!

(Actually, while rehearsing this for you my palms became a little sweaty and I've taken several deep breaths!  Whew!)

The point?

Sometimes life (more specifically - the enemy) will corner us.

We instantly feel trapped.  Things begin to close in around us.  We feel totally alone.  And if we believe that there is no way out, We Will Panic.

I've never made a single brilliant decision with fear as my motivating factor! 

But when I do sense that I'm being cornered by darkness, I begin to make some choices.

I try to readjust my thoughts and focus on the ultimate goal.  I rehearse the truth of scripture instead of the lies of fear.  I force my brain to believe the best is possible - whether it looks possible or not. 

And I listen for the words of encouragement coming from wonderful friends around me!

A great scripture became powerful for me many years ago.  Psalm 124:1 says, "If the Lord had not been on our side......."

No matter how dark that corner.  No matter how restrictive my place of difficulty.  No matter how impossible the outcome.  I Am Not ALONE!  The Lord is on my side!

And remembering that one truth has kept me moving.  Kept me sane.  Kept me from making some stupid, fear-filled choices!


He is on your side, too!

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