Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Trials of a Woman Minister

“OUCH!”  Let me tell you, I yelled it loudly and fervently!

For many women, having their eyebrows waxed is a minor issue.  No big deal at all.  A part of personal grooming that must be attended to routinely.

But I dread having my eyebrows waxed more than…....more than…....more than I dread a mammogram! 

(Apology to all men reading today.  Sorry, fellas, but that’s the truth!)

I must have extra sensitive skin around my eyebrows or something.  This normal procedure that’s so simple for others, causes the area around my eyes to swell and turn a deep purplish red.  

The disfiguration is so severe that people have questioned whether I might be of Clingon descendent.  (You remember those people/creatures from Star Trek?) 

Yeah, it’s that bad!

I’m embarrassed to admit that I have not waxed my eyebrows since Meagan and Nathan’s wedding! 

The one good thing is that they tend to grow back in very slowly.  And if I’m careful, a pair of tweezers keeps me from becoming an embarrassment to my family and congregation.

But I’ll be in Springfield, MO later this week.  Speaking to young college students.  

College girls tend to take personal grooming to the highest level attainable.  And I refuse to allow neglected eyebrows to overshadow any message the Lord may be wanting me to deliver. 
“Wasn’t the chapel speaker GREAT yesterday?!”  says College Student A.

“I’m sure she was but I couldn’t concentrate because all I could see were her shaggy eyebrows!  Can you believe women let themselves go like that?!!”  replies College Student B.

When we first arrived in Central FL, I worked at Southeastern University.  One afternoon, a couple of adorable girls waltzed into my office.  The giggling, twittering, and hair-flipping of most girls their age flowed in with them.

“Oh, Mrs. Hawley,”  exuded Girl A.  “I love what you’re wearing!  You always look so cute!!”

“Well, thank you, Sweetie!”  I responded with a heart that began to lift on the wave of her enthusiasm.  I did happen to have on an okay outfit that day.

The perky little teen-aged voice went on, “I saw you walk across the cafeteria the other day and I said to my friend, ‘Mrs. Hawley is always so cute!  I hope I look good when I get old!’”  (You can’t make up this stuff!)

So, off to the salon I went yesterday. 

I paid a woman $8.00 to rip eyebrows from their intended place of abode!  I willingly submitted to action akin to torture!  Smiled weakly and even tipped her for causing me great pain!  Went back to the office and found ice for the swelling that immediately ensued!

Oh, what women preachers must endure in order to share the good news!


  1. Sheri, the last few times I've had my eyebrows waxed, the little strip not only took off the hair but also some of my skin right below my eyebrow!! Very.Painful.Seriously. In fact I still had some traces of scab left on the morning of my daughter's wedding!! *Ugh* I can so completely sympathize with you!

  2. I feel the same way! A friend "treated" me to having my brows waxed while I visited her in Colorado. Actually, the tech sent her over to tell me she really want to let her fix my brows...sigh. It was less painful than I was anticipating (childbirth transition pain) which probably helped me to not scream bloody murder. However, similar to you, I ended up with Cro-Magnon brow for a week and a half and itch? Aaaaack! I have not allowed anyone near my brows since. Enough of the annual ripping off of the eyebrows, I say!