Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Read on for the latest Embrace the Grace news report!

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Smith now have an accurate due date for young baby Smith.  October 21, 2013!

They went for the first ultra-sound yesterday then kept us in stitches at family dinner as they relayed the stories from the afternoon!  I can't share details on such a public forum. 

But suffice it to say that in addition to doctor offices and ultra-sound techs there were full bladders, dancing feet, strong heart beats (from ONE baby) and two smiling faces!

Meagan was a bit disappointed that they aren't having twins.  She had her head all set for a set.  (Nathan did not seem to share her disappointment.  And I can understand why!)

If anyone was ever meant to be a Mommy, it's Meagan Elizabeth Smith.

Fortunately, Nathan knew before proposing marriage that his beautiful bride was also known as "The Baby Whisperer."  He DOES share her excitement about the little one that will soon be in their arms.

We're all hoping that the Smith off-spring will have Dad's curly hair.  Terms like "poker straight" and "stick straight" have been the description of Hawley hair all these years.  Some natural curl will be a delightful change!

It was sweet to watch Nathan keeping an eye on  Meagan as the evening grew late.  He must have sensed the moment she started getting tired.

"Ready to go?" he asked it quietly but pointedly.

"Yeah, I guess so."  Meagan responded.

She got up and began gathering her things.  No protests about being on spring break or wanting to stay with her sisters a little longer.  She knew that Nathan knew she needed rest.

He took her hand as they walked down the drive to their car.  She patted her tummy as she often does these days.

The smile on my lips filled my entire heart.

Excellent mommy-to-be!  Protective dad-to-be!  Blessed baby-to-be!!