Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I've spent the day as a prisoner in my own home!

Yes, I had a bit of a runny nose on Sunday.  Yes, I felt pretty run down.  Yes, I did fall asleep on the couch at 9:15 Monday night.  So?!

So........Frank insisted that I make a visit to the doctor Tuesday morning.  She promptly tested me for the flu.  Which apparently had taken up residence in my nasal cavities.  Resulting in the forced home imprisonment program!

I hear you, "Boy, what I wouldn't give for a day at home!" 

(Here comes the whine and cheese)

It's true that I did feel too badly to DO anything.  But I also felt too good to just wander from couch to bed and back again. 

When you're really sick, your eyes are closed.  You can hardly hold your head up.  You need the bathroom and tissues close.  You wonder if it's a misdemeanor to drink Nyquil during daytime hours.

But my somewhat glassy eyes were completely open:   
  •  The laundry mocked me.
  • The kitchen cried out for attention.
  • The blog begged posting.
  • The phone warned of un-returned calls.
  • The computer even "dinged" periodically.
 Oh, wretched flu-bug infested man that I am!

Fortunately, my doctor believes in the benefits of  Z-pacs.  Hopefully, when I awaken tomorrow morning I will readily rediscover my formerly chipper self.  And when that happens, boy do I have a story for you!!

Just a tease..........Frank and I kept the babies Friday and Saturday while John and Joy escaped the city for an anniversary celebration!

I now know why God gives small children to YOUNG people!!


  1. Hope you're up and feeling much better in no time, Sheri!! Take care of yourself!

  2. Do hope you're feeling better, Sheri! I found taking (chewable) Airborne & 1000 mg. Vitamin C (both daily)helped me turn the corner on the flu-in-the-head along with lots of sleep. Also using a neti-pot (sp?) helped clear out my sinuses.

  3. Sheri - I hope you get too feeling better. The flu has been horrible this year. Hoping and praying for your health.