Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Friend

Ah, the blank page!

I just finished tackling a blank page which needed to yield an entire teaching for this weekend.

So excited to be teaching a class for our district training event -the EXPERIENCE conference. Over a thousand leaders will be attending. And while my class will be for a limited number, it's always fun to be part of something like this.

But blank pages aren't the topic for my post today.

I wanted to tell you about a new guy that has come into my life. His name is Clark!

"Why is she writing about some new guy? I knew those dance lessons would lead to something crazy!" You thought that, didn't you?

Actually, Frank introduced me to Clark and practically insisted that we become friends. Clark has a special talent for massaging feet. And Frank gladly agreed to pay to have Clark begin massaging my feet on a regular basis!

"Is he a podiatrist?" you ask. No.

"Perhaps a giver of pedicures?" (Would that be a 'pedicurist,' I wonder?)

"Is he a masseuse?" Uh, NO!

None of the above.

Clark is actually my new shoe! Well, the maker of my new shoe. And I don't mind telling you that I'm in love!

All those years of standing in high heeled shoes have finally caught up to me. Some mornings my feet hurt so badly I don't want to stand on them. Not much choice there.

Last fall I went to see about a simple pain in my foot and ended up with a needle sticking through my foot! And believe it or not, that doctor dared to tell me it would feel better when it quit hurting! Oh, yes he did!!

So I've been on the hunt for comfy shoes that don't look like I'm already to the shuffling stage of life.

Enter my new friend.......CLARK! (Please hear the sounds of angelic, harp-type music and a hundred voice choir vocalizing a single, "AAHHHHH!!")

Comfortable sandals. Comfortable heels. Comfortable boots. Comfortable flats. Closed toes. Open toes. Straps. Sling-backs. And.........COLORS! Lots and lots of colors!!

I told Joy once that before they were born, I had a terrible shoe fetish. It mysteriously disappeared with six little girl feet to shod. But now that they all pay for their own podiatry needs? I feel the fetish returning with a vengeance!

Clark really thinks highly of the shoes they've created. They think women will pay any price for comfort combined with style. But they haven't met me. I have to experience comfort in both my feet and my pocket to know complete satisfaction.

Can you imagine my great joy when I caught not, one but two pairs of the heavenly footwear at more than seventy-five per cent OFF the original price?! (Cue angelic harps and singers!)

"Did you buy them both?" you ask.

Absolutely! Without even so much as a single moment of buyer's remorse!

So when I stand to teach this weekend, it will be without any consideration of how far I walked across the church campus to reach my designated teaching location. I will walk confidently, stylishly, and with economical soundness of mind.

Wonderful, indeed!


  1. I think I shall research Clark...yes, lightyears before I start doing the shuffle! Have a great, blessed time as you teach!

  2. I wear Clark sandals everyday. When my hair dresser was pregnant I gave her a pair & she loved the comfort. Enjoy.