Saturday, September 22, 2012

Moving Day

  • Boxes packed.  Identified.  Stacked.
  • Cleaning supplies purchased.
  • Utilities and deposits - paid.  (Ouch!)
  • Help recruited.
  • Trucks requisitioned.
  • Keys in hand.
  • READY!  SET!!  GO!!!
Moving Day is here!    For Meagan and Nathan, that is.

Today they will set up house-keeping in their very first apartment.  "So, where have they been up until this point?" you may wonder.

For the past year, the wise young couple have been living with John and Joy.  Saving is high on Nathan's priority list.  (Go, Nathan!)  So when the Schreck's invited them to live with them for a while, they jumped on the opportunity.

Of course, they've contributed financially.  And having them around when Abigail was born proved to be a HUGE blessing! Spencer loves his "MeaMea" and Uncle "NayNay".  Meg and Nate kept things normal for him while mom and dad were busy having a new baby.

The newlyweds carved out a private retreat in the spare bedroom.  Both families set up and adhered to healthy "boundaries."  They quickly discussed any potentially toxic behaviors.  And forgave - DAILY.

That's how multiple families successfully share one home; just in case you wondered. 

But the time has finally arrived when the Smiths will establish their own house.  Meagan is ecstatic about putting out their wedding gifts.  Dishes, towels, blankets, pots and pans.  A wide assortment graces my entryway even as you read this post.

Of course, all things in our lives co-ordinate with the church calendar.  So before moving actually commences, all the fellows are currently engaged in the youth flag football game.  But there's also a method to the madness.

All flag football participants (mostly strong, healthy young men) will be invited to PIZZA and a moving party immediately following the game.  Brilliant, right?!

Joy is a little sad, oddly enough.  All those participating have either shared life full-time in a fifth wheel or they've lived with family before.  So, she knows there will be a huge hole where the Smiths have been. 

But life marches on!

It's moving day!

(If this post seems unusually short, that's because it is!  Last week I attended a class taught by Deanna Shrodes on maximizing our time.  In fact, she has a wonderful book just out entitled: JUGGLE, available on line.  Every single time I hear Deanna teach on organizing and time management, I'm challenged.  Today's short post is an effort to act on that challenge.  I gave myself thirty minutes!  That's all!  And I've already been interrupted three times.  But I'm within two minutes of my goal!!  Check out Deanna's book; you'll be impacted, I'm sure!)


  1. Congratulations to the MegaNate! lol - 12 seconds - interrupted 2x by cat ;) Have missed hearing from you!

  2. Congrats to MegaNate on your new place! Enjoy!! :)

  3. Thank you, Sheri, for passing the word along! I am so appreciative! Love you