Tuesday, June 26, 2012


We discovered last night that Spencer has a special talent.

He can hold his own full-sized ear of corn-on-the-cob and clean it as well as four front teeth will allow! His dad, Uncle Nathan and Poppa beamed!

(Seems this talent comes from the Schreck lineage as John's dad uses a specially cultivated bite allowing him to methodically clean each row. We look forward to a command performance soon.)

Unfortunately, Nana wasn't aware of Spencer's gifting so I had only prepared enough ears for the adults. Joy started out sharing hers with him but she's pregnant and needs all the nutrition she can consume.

None of the men stepped forward to share their corn. So Nana handed over her fresh silver queen cob and smiled as the young prince attacked it with the ferocity of a warrior! Next time I'll make more.

More corn will be needed soon anyway, our family dinner number increases by one this Saturday. The doctor has determined that if she doesn't make her appearance by then, it will be better that Abigail arrive via cesarean delivery. (Seems John and Joy make BIG babies!)

John's parents (and our dear friends) fly in next Monday. The regularly scheduled Fourth of July fireworks should be just about right in helping us celebrate.

You see, they had four sons. Linda had only one brother, no sisters. Of all the Schreck grandchildren and great-grandchildren there is only one other little girl. Need I say more?

Abigail Grace is dearly loved already!

But isn't it funny how you can be laughing and enjoying your family with part of your mind and dreaming with the other? That's what happened to me last night.

For just a moment, my mind flashed to the wonderful memories of Spencer's dedication. Of course, John and Linda were there. But Uncle Tim and his new wife Kelly as well as Uncle David were there too. (Uncle Phil was working at a children's camp in Alaska.)

We were all especially thrilled that Spencer's great-grandfather (John Schreck the First) came all the way from New York to attend.

The pictures of the four generations are such a treasure! Great-grandfather, grandfather, dad, Spencer. Four generations standing at an altar, declaring their faith.

I marveled at Spencer's heritage. Aunts, uncles, all four grandparents, seven great-grandparents with lives dedicated to God; praying that Spencer too will serve Christ.

And for just a moment last night, I wished desperately that my mom could be here for pictures with Abigail.

I wished that Joy and I could lay our hands on Mom's hand then crown them all with Abigail's tiny hand for one single snapshot.

I wished for Mom's smile. I longed to hear her coo and sing for her great-granddaughter. I yearned to be four generations of women speaking blessing over this treasured baby girl.

I don't allow myself to WISH for things that can't be very often. But last night I did.

My thoughts didn't wander long. Spencer dug his favorite book out of the toy basket and needed to hear it for the one hundredeth time.

Besides, I felt sure Mom was peeking over the edge of Heaven and urging me to enjoy right now. So that's what I did!

"The lion says, 'Rooaarr!' The dog says, 'Woof!' 'Woof!' "


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the present moment and Spencer is "I do(ing) it"! I know about the wishing, though. I know.

  2. Your mom lives in you and her sweet blessing will pass on to you Abigail through you.

    But I know that doesn't make things better when you so want to see her here, in person, in the huggable flesh.

    Love and prayers to you today . . .