Monday, June 4, 2012

Home Again

This will take a while!

The cup is full to overflowing and my joy knows no bounds!

When you wait and dream and hope about something; then it finally takes place and you're standing in the airport on reflection mode - well, it's just too much!

(Three sentences in a row ending with exclamation marks - that should give you a hint.)

Actually, I flew back in from El Salvador late Saturday night in order to preach at GGC on Sunday. So I've had a few hours to decompress. Everyone else landed in Miami around 6:30 tonight.

John will pick me up around 10 and we'll join the caravan heading back to Orlando for the rest of the team. (Thanks Greg Rodden and John Williams.)

Our team leaders, the Buccafurnis, both had a rough finish in El Salvador. Dominic became extremely ill the last 24 hours and Molly took a terrible fall. Probably a torn ACL. American Airlines graciously moved her to first class and Vicodin became her travel buddy.

Frank just called and said everyone is in good spirits - although exhausted!

But the wonderful stories - the children that were won to Christ - the work completed - the new friendships developed.......... It's just too much to tell all at once.

I mostly wanted to say thank you so very much for the prayers that went up on our behalf. You have part in every bit of fruit we gleaned for the Kingdom of God.

Can't wait to start the report!

I think I'll start with the story of our visit to "Julia's" house............