Saturday, March 17, 2012


You made me cry!

Yes, it was you; I'm certain.

After two long weeks of "blogger's stage fright," I finally pushed the post button on Wednesday evening, just before Bible study. I came back to the office early Thursday and decided to proof the post one more time before someone might get to their office and actually start reading it.

What should greet my discouraged eyes but a "7" in the comment box. Seven gracious, thoughtful, encouraging comments. (That number has risen to eleven.) I honestly felt like someone had left an envelope full of money on my desk blotter.

Frank stepped in to ask a question and found me reaching for the tissues.

"Honey, what's wrong?!" I don't cry a lot first thing in the day.

"There are seven comments on my blog this morning!" The tears made me feel self-conscious. But fortunately, my husband understands how much this endeavor means to me.

He came around the desk, gave me a hug and insisted we read each one again. A couple were first-time responders. And two said they sometimes share these thoughts with friends. Big encouragement to keep at it!

What an amazing time we live in; where friendships form in cyberspace. I always wanted a pen pal story: "Oh, we've written letters back and forth for fifteen years. And this summer she's getting on a plane and we'll actually meet for the first time. But we already know each other because of the letters we've shared!"

Hmmm -guess that's why reading our Bible is so important. Its the record of God's letters to us and it gives us an opportunity to get to know Him. Then one day when we actually meet for the first time, we won't be strangers at all because of the letters.

Thank you so much for taking time to read Embrace the Grace! And thanks to those who commented.

The tears were happy ones I assure you!


  1. Isn't Frank an amazing hubby?!?! Good reminder why we need to stay faithful to reading the Good Book!

  2. Sheri...I read your blog just about every day and can so relate to many of the things you share. I am a habitual lurker that comments now and again. I do really hope you continue sharing your journey with us, because your writing style and choice of topics have really had an impact on me....all the way out here to California!!!

    Keeping you in prayer,

  3. God put you in my life via your blog via Smithellaneous' blog long before either of us thought there might be a reason! I believe God has used you/your blog to touch many lives without you knowing, but you'll find out one day! I am blessed by you!