Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fresh Start

Do you ever experience the "Total Fail" feeling?

You know, that moment when you realize:
  • you're up to your ankles in dirty laundry.
  • you're holding a calendar that can not possibly squeeze in one more element.
  • you forgot to pick up milk - again.
  • every person in your life needs assistance you can't provide.
  • your guests are arriving early and dinner is definitely late!

Our under-thirties often call this The Epic Fail!

And that's what I've experienced lately in regards to this blog. I have not written for two full weeks now. That (according to every blogger I've encountered) qualifies as an Epic Fail for sure!

But each time I would attempt to sit down and write, something urgent would take center stage.

I've had several great blog ideas. Timely stories. Humorous occurrences. Powerful illustrations. But here we are, two weeks out and not one has been recorded. Huge SIGH!

I would think of all you kind readers/commentators who actually take time to stop by here and follow my ramblings.

  • "Will they think something is wrong?"
  • "Will they wonder if you've just stopped writing entirely?"
  • "Will they loose interest?"
  • The worst of all: "Will anyone know you haven't posted?"

AAGGHHH -entirely too must introspection for an extrovert!

For me, blogging is such a great honor. I take it quite seriously when anyone chooses to pull a moment from their limited cache of free time and read or listen to anything I have to say. That person needs to be rewarded with a nugget of truth; a word of encouragement; at the very least, a smile.

But for the past two weeks, I just haven't felt the spark of inspiration. And after starring at my computer, totally devoid of words I deemed valuable enough to record, I got "stage fright". And just. could. not. write.

Silly, I know. But please understand how much I want to offer you something of real value when you stop by "Embrace the Grace".

So it was that in the pre-dawn hours of this very morning, I lay awake praying about this blog. I thought of all the regular comment-leavers and how much they've encouraged me these past two years. I recounted the fact that TWO WEEKS have passed without so much as a word; incredibly rude by Southern standards. I rehearsed the joy of pressing the Publish Post button. I questioned my ability to craft a post worthy of your time.

And ever so quietly, I felt the Father whisper to my heart, "You believe in fresh starts for everyone else.............why not yourself?"

"Well, mostly because I should be able to live up to my commitments," was the harsh response from my condemning heart.

"I'll give you a fresh start, then!" His reply always brings comfort. "Just write something. Anything. Just START!"

And so I have.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for reading Embrace the Grace! I truly count your partnership (I write. You read. We both benefit.) as a gift in my life.

May yours be blessed beyond measure today! And may you also encounter a fresh start where it's most needed.


  1. I always feel like every Sunday (after attending Mass) is a fresh start. :)

    Have a great week!

  2. Sheri! You are DEFINITELY worth the wait! Always enjoy reading Embrace the Grace! This also makes me realize how much goes into it, and how selfish it is to read and enjoy and not comment! Always counting you as a blessing in my life! Thanks for taking the time to share with me! (Too many explanation points? Sorry it seems to just be the way I talk! HAHA!)

    Holly Hart

  3. Glad life is an adventure( busy to slow down long enough for a deep breath) for you. Yes, I was concerned something or someone might be in need of prayers. Thanks for sharing your life. Now get ready for the next know it is just around the corner!

  4. Sheri I think there are just some times when we have to be patient & the words will come . I don't write a blog but a few articles & once in a while it just isn't there!

  5. I always feel three shades of happy when there is a new post here; whether it's one post a month, or one post a day, you share your heart so beautifully.

  6. Sheri, it is always a delight to read Embrace the Grace. Thank you for sharing of your journey with us. I still remember a previous post about going to the store in your pajamas. As I was guilty of that a few weeks ago I laughed out loud thinking of you and your sweet smile and humorous candor. Blessings to you and yours.

  7. Ahhhh, got my Embrace the Grace blog fix! I am blessed, sometimes amused, and usually challenged. Thanks for sharing!

  8. So glad you're back! Yes, I do check in daily/weekly and am happy to know that life was! Busy, unplanned or unexpected situations, etc. When you mentioned your response to God concerning fresh starts, I got a chuckle because that is my type of retort! Some days I need multiple fresh starts! You are a blessing in my life and your writing helps me look at things I might otherwise gloss over. Thank you!

    Guerrina in CT

  9. Sheri, I love reading what you write, no matter how often it is. Thanks for your beautiful, inspiring and sometimes humorous words!

  10. Always read - have never commented but on several occasions have used your posts as a devotion for my monthly ladies circle meeting.
    Susan in NC

  11. Really enjoy your blog, appreciate you being so real and taking the time to share. I find myself often sharring things from your blog in conversation. Be encouraged sweet sister!!

  12. Stephanie PrescottMarch 23, 2012 at 1:01 PM

    I LOVE, LOVE anything and all you write! By reading your blog I feel as if we are as close as we have ever been. I love you and Frank so much (and the girls), your blog keeps me up on things and I appreciate all you write for keeping us all involved.
    Love you all!