Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ready or Not


DECEMBER FIRST?????!!!!! Say it isn't So!!!

I currently possess ONE Christmas gift which poorly represents the dozens I must procure prior to C-Day! Ho Ho OOOHHH!

I read about a young friend in her late 20's who had already purchased, wrapped, decorated and posted all things Christmas by the Monday following Thanksgiving.

My question for her?

What exactly does she plan to do with all of December? She'll completely miss out on the rushing, the scurrying, the heart-palpitating that most of us associate with this blessed season.

Wait. Come to think of it, that probably wouldn't be such a bad idea!

Fortunately for me (one of the classic UN-prepared), I have many extra hands ready to jump in and help with any and all things Christmas.

We are planning a staff and board gathering at our house tomorrow night. Joy will help cook. Kristin will decorate. Meagan will entertain. And Frank will join me in looking like the cucumber cool hosts we wish we were! (Not too sure what I plan to do if they're unavailable some day!)

Since I seldom ever shop, I have help in that area as well. People are so pleasantly surprised to see me in a store that they gladly join me.

Christmas shopping for me is more like a hunting expedition anyway. Not at all the leisurely, year-long event Mom Hawley enjoys. Almost all my Christmas purchases are made within a two week period. Just like hunting season.

Armed with my list and my coupons. Dressed in comfortable clothing and flat shoes. Knowing all the best bargain locations. I move stealthily into position for the kill. BOOM! I snag the bargain of all times! And the exhilaration of each purchase provides the adrenaline needed to keep tracking until every last purchase is loaded in the truck! (Um, Tahoe. I got carried away with the metaphor.)

And we already have teams in place to lead most of the celebrations and events scheduled for church. that I think about it, pass the eggnog. I'm ready too!

Merry Christmas, dear readers!


  1. Just think Sheri you have a grandson to spoil this year. And being the grandmother you can spoil him rotten.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family,
    Sue Coupal