Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Menu

Frank and I are eating better!

Now that may not seem worthy of being an "Exclamation Mark Statement" to you. But for us, it definitely is!! (Two ! for added emphasis. Smile.)

In May, we met a gentleman who appeared really odd at first glance. He caught our eye while struggling to get weights to co-operate with his duffel bag on rollers.

The weights kept clanking past the wheels onto the sidewalk. No matter how he rearranged them - they clanked and drug. We were amused. (Which means we were laughing; just not very loudly.) Finally, the exasperated man hefted the duffel bag over his shoulder and leaning into the weight, man-handled the bag into the hotel lobby.

As olympic-style people watchers, we were intrigued. Who travels with dumbbells? It's hard enough for us to keep a suitcase under the 50 pound limit. Who in their right mind adds weight?

Frank's curiosity got the better of him and the next thing I knew, my husband was deep in conversation with the odd, bald, weight-lifter. (We've discovered that some odd people have magnificent truth to share. Not all of them, but some. Smile.)

Seems the gentleman experienced a heart-attack ten years ago and made drastic changes to his life-style in an attempt to keep living. When we found out that this guy who looked forty-eight was actually sixty-two, he had our attention! Exercise, clean foods and clean living were the keys.

Clean living is no problem for us - we're preachers for heaven's sake. Clean living is what we promote. And I walk; Frank bikes.

But clean eating? Fundamental problem.

My catholic friends have rosaries; Jewish friends have torahs. But Pentecostals? I'm afraid that our main religious symbol is a casserole dish! It's hard for us to find a reason NOT to eat when coming together.

"All Church Dinner" ads can reach even the most hardened sinner. Everyone knows that church ladies can cook. And when they turn that ability into an evangelistic tool........ well, don't get me started!

Our new odd-looking, bald friend shared powerful tips with Frank that set us on a new course of action. (That and the fact that I had a melt-down over how my flabby, upper arms would surely flap uncontrollably in all the wedding video footage!) My tears that day sent Frank over the edge and we're now eating all kinds of "clean" things.

Wheat germ, hummus, flax seed, and anything else starting with "organic". If it's live, leafy, colorful or seedy I'm allowed to eat it. If it bears the smiling face of my favorite culinary artist - Little Debbie - I'm required to flee! Woe is me!

And we're doing this exercise program that was surely designed by the devil himself! I didn't know I had some of these muscles. And when you combine that with joints that thought they were ready for retirement. It's truly the perfect storm.

The up side to all this torture?

I was shocked to discover that some of my summer clothes that had to be skipped last year, suddenly fit again this year. And although my upper arms jiggled during the wedding, I didn't hit any small children in the face with them. That's a win.

AND Frank and I have come to a point of balance. We eat the "clean" stuff unless our dear church ladies have prepared something special. Anything they prepare is fair game.

And since I manage the church calendar, I see multiple "All Church Dinners" in our future! Smile.

Blessings for your Sabbath!


  1. Would love to know more about your exercise plan and your menu!
    sheila from st.louis

  2. Wheat germ and flax seed? Oh dear. Remind me to bring my stash of Little Debbies next time I come for a visit.

    But seriously, I'm very proud of you guys. You are--as always--an inspiration.

  3. Definitely laughed out loud at Starbucks when I read I didn't hit any small children in the face with them. That's a win." Way to be eating healthy! :)

  4. I laughed at this post you always bring a smile to my face! I love you so very much, I would love to know more about "eating clean" what is that exactly! Have a wonderful day my sweet sweet friend!