Saturday, January 22, 2011

Winter Doesn't Have the Last Word!

Tomorrow is my Mom's birthday. So naturally, I'm a bit reflective today.

My sister and her family have determined to mark the day each year with a special cake. (Vonnie is an incredible cook!) And I guess it's only fitting that I would use words to mark the day.

My thoughts actually have turned to the truth of "Seasons". For many years now, I've been growing in my understanding that all of life is made up of various seasons. You know, the whole "....time to plant; time to reap; time to laugh; time to cry...." passage.

Our problems seem to come when we attempt to manipulate any of these seasons.

"I don't want to cry this much and this long. Surely there is a way to shorten this time."
"Okay, so planting is necessary - but can't the reaping stage be lengthened?"
"I'd rather skip this time of loss altogether!"

But life has rhythms that must be allowed to run their course.

I once read that children who are encouraged to skip the crawling stage and instead walk right away exhibit signs of underdevelopment later in life. They missed a necessary segment of mental growth that comes only during the season of "floor time".

When I glanced back over my journal, I realized that we actually walked through SEVEN deaths in only eighteen months. That translates to a river of tears, a desert of grieving, and a pit of introspection.

But the marvel of seasons is the assurance that after winter, spring will surely follow!

And so it is that I'm watching for spring with eager eyes. (Just like all my reader friends in the northeast this snowy winter!)

I find it very important to rehearse this truth for myself whenever difficulty takes the lead. "Crying may last for the night but JOY comes in the morning." It gives us the ability to keep walking, glean the learning available to us only in times of trouble, and assimilate it so others can reap fruit from our growth.

Everything has purpose. God never wastes anything.

Those aren't just phrases for me or truth as I understand it. They have been life preservers keeping me afloat through many storms!

Keep watching, dear friends. Spring will come at just the right time!

P.S. Joy continues to experience Braxton-Hicks contractions but they're pretty sporadic still. The doctor is aware and we are ready for whenever the call comes. Whew! Thanks for your comments and willingness to be excited with us!! Smile.

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  1. Thanks for teaching us about seasons, gratitude and leaning even more closely into Jesus during the winters. Can't wait to see what more awaits in spring!