Wednesday, January 26, 2011


If you are in need of spiritual insight, an inspirational story, or even a good belly laugh - this is NOT the blog post for you! Smile.

Today I'm simply reporting the facts as they have come to me.

It seems that a certain pregnant lady (that would be Alicia Joy Hawley Schreck) went to her routine check-up yesterday. There she learned that an early delivery may very well be on the docket for her.

Spencer Matthew Schreck - who has not yet seen even ONE of the Shrek movies - has lived up to the image presented and already weighs an estimated eight pounds six ounces!! That's one big boy!

(Please be aware that the biggest baby I delivered weighed in at a whopping seven pounds one ounce. Yep, rather dramatic difference. Makes you want to know if it's the prenatal vitamins or John's good cooking, doesn't it?! Smile.)

Needless to say, we are stitching up loose ends as rapidly as our needle and thread and calendar and cell phones will allow. (Insert little squeal of unabated excitement here!) And as "out of control" as Frank and I are acting right now, we find only understanding and patient smiles every way we turn.

On Monday evening I found myself at a table with one friend and two ministry couples. None of us had ever met. And unfortunately, we all had very different areas of ministry that seemed to offer no conversational ammo whatsoever. (And I'm pretty good at creating conversation!)

It was exceedingly awkward for us all. U.N.T.I.L........I mentioned that we have three children, a son-in-law, and a grandbaby on the way at any time now.

The couple across from me lit up like a Christmas tree.
"Oh, we have two grandchildren. You are going to absolutely LOVE being a grandparent."
"Sure wish there was a way to have grandchildren first!" they joked.
"We've heard that too," said the other couple. "We can hardly wait for our children to finish college, get married and start their families!"

The conversation took an upswing from that point on! Smile.

I wrote a post some time back about longings fulfilled; such an important part of life. But I can honestly say, this is a season of anticipation like none I've ever experienced before.

Thanks, friends for being joyful with me. Stay Tuned...........

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