Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fabulous Friday

Well, boring as it may sound, we have finally arrived at the end of our regular work week. Tomorrow is Friday - our Saturday. And given the fact that on the real Saturday we will be at the church working with our latest outreaches (Angel Food and Flag Football), I'm planning to squeeze every ounce of enjoyment out of this Friday.

Perhaps I should do a quick aside here and explain these two. Angel Food is an organization that is now nationwide. They are able to make available to anyone a box of first quality food that will feed a family of four for a week. This box contains everything from frozen meats and vegetables to pasta and even some fresh items; all for about a fourth of the market cost.

Our part in this venture? We are the man-power. (Jeanne helps lead our great team.) Orders are taken and paid for in advance of the actual delivery date. The process of delivery begins with "pickup" around 6:00 AM on the prescribed Saturday; that truck arrives at our church around 7:30 AM; a team is waiting to unload and properly divide all the ordered items; more people are needed to actually assist those picking up their boxes from 10:00 to 12:00. Then we clean up and depart.

It's a great ministry to our community; especially given the increasing number of retirees living all around us. These boxes really stretch anyone's food budget. The motto for Angel Food is terrific: "A hand up instead of a hand out." Perhaps our government could study this great organization for some productive ideas. HMMMM.

Then there's flag football. Our church is also blessed to be neighbors with a large number of Muslim families. These families will not allow their children and teens to attend anything inside our building because we are Christian. But we have a marvelous field adjoining our building that our youth discovered to be the perfect size for flag football.

So once a month- October through May- there is a flag football game on that field from 10:00 to noon. And many of the neighborhood fellas wouldn't miss those games for anything. Ingenious, don't you think?!

This May, our youth pastors (John and Joy) are trying something new. We will have a "Flag Football Superbowl"! It will be our first ever evening game; complete with tower lights, hot dogs, cheering and a short presentation of the Gospel. (Do you think that might just catch on with the NFL?) Please pray with us - who knew people could be attracted to Christ through football?

I just did a quick proof-read and realized the real truth of my life. Being involved with people in order to help more people know about Jesus is actually what I enjoy even more than I enjoy Fridays.

Still, even Jesus Himself pulled away occasionally to get quiet and better hear from His Father. So, in addition to looking forward to dinner and a movie with my husband; I'm also looking forward to spending some time with the Father while working in my flower garden tomorrow. And that really is the truth!

One more item. Many of you already know my dear friend, Becky Smith from her blog: "Smithellaneous". She will be having surgery for cancer tomorrow. If you should remember, please offer a prayer for Becky and her family as they walk this difficult road. Thanks so much.

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  1. A prayer for all of you and several prayers for my dear blog friend, Becky Smith. May God ease her through all she faces and give the needed strength to all who love her as they tend to her and love her and help her heal.