Sunday, February 14, 2010

Olympic Truth

I know that I probably should write something thoughtful or enlightening about Valentine's Day. And truly my sweetheart of thirty years marked the day beautifully with cards, roses and dinner out. (Collective AAWWWWW!)

But tonight I'm actually wondering how many of you struggle with the Olympics the way I do. It matters not whether Winter or Summer Olympics. I usually don't know much about the athletes or the sport itself unless they've been highlighted by the media. Some of the events have names that I can't even spell!

However, the scenario is always the same. Here I sit before my television, watching transfixed. Heart pounding, fanny pinched, uneven breathing - sometimes even holding my breath - as people I don't know, approach a moment of dreams and destiny.

Do you find YOUR muscles are incredibly sore after every evening of the Olympics? Not because of our own workout. Not because of pushing our bodies to the limit. Not because of anxiety over our upcoming performance. But just because of sitting and watching and hoping that no one will fall, trip or otherwise distinguish themselves through some horrible slip.

Oh the tension!

And then, when they successfully complete their performance, I realize I'm sitting with a big stupid grin plastered across my face. Sometimes, I even cheer before I can catch myself. Yes, Out Loud! (All this transparency is a little embarrassing but that's reality.)

Go Team U.S.A.!!!


  1. Bahaha...Miss Sheri, you just CRACK me up! I miss you!

  2. Dear Sweet Rachel, How wonderful to be back in touch with you! I really miss you. Are you still in KY with your family? If so, I know they are so happy to have you near by. Please keep in touch. And thanks so much for your encouragements. (I just learned today how to reply. Mercy!)