Saturday, January 30, 2021


I've still been having difficulty with formating my paragraphs on this new set up.

Consequently, this is simply a test. (Not a test of the American Broadcast System, as we so often hear.) Rather a test to see if my blog site allows for the paragraph changes to I'm so attached. If they don't have breaks, I will be taking this down post haste!

Many things to share so please stay tuned.

I'll be back up and running as soon as possible.

One thing I've discovered as a blogger, I enjoy communicating with those of you who stop by. 

Consequently, the challenges must be overcome and a way must be found. Otherwise, the messages I want to share with you will be for me like the messages of the Old Testament prophet, like fire shut up in my bones. :-)

Here we go..... Changed my mind about deleating this. But I do have help coming to my aide.

Thanks for checking back.


  1. Glad an answer is on the way.

    Pulling for you, friend! Your words need to get out there.

  2. As you can see, I chose NOT to delete this one. Hopefully, it will stand as a testimony to others who are struggling in new ways with things they've done successfully for years. Wow! I think that may just need to be the next post when the issues get resolved. Thanks, Becky! :-)

  3. I am checking to see if I am able to post comments. I have tried a few times, but they seem to go elsewhere still.

    1. Hi Cathie, Thanks for stopping by. We're working on making the needed changes which should make it easier for us ALL. :-)

  4. Sheri, I hope all is well with you. I miss your words of wisdom and encouragement. Take care, Karen

    1. Thank you, Karen! We are hopefully up and rolling again. Bless You!