Friday, June 5, 2020

When Silence is NOT Golden

(Warning:  This is a post sharing my heartfelt emotions about a tragic issue.)

I am horrified by the murder of George Floyd.

Now please understand, I grew up in a culture that would urge me to not make such a statement.  From an early age it was drilled into my head.   "Silence is Golden."  "You shouldn't be so outspoken about things." "Children are to be seen and not heard." "Keep your opinion to yourself."  

But in this instance, I can not keep silent.

It's true that I do not know all the circumstances surrounding this murder.  I do not know the history of the men involved.  I know nothing about their life choices nor their character.  Those facts are irrelevant to what I have seen and read was acted out.

George Floyd was a human being killed by another human being who had pledged to protect life.  His life was ended while additional human beings looked on but did nothing to intervene.

This murder shocked and sickens me the same way I'm sickened by the 3,000 murders of unborn babies that will take place in America today.  [CDC estimate]  My heart breaks for the elderly human beings who will be marginalized and even considered better off if euthanized.  I grow weary praying for the thousands of women and young men trapped in sexual slavery in the U.S. and abroad. 

When did life become so cheap?  When did selfishness overtake self-sacrifice as an acceptable behavior?  When did we, as human beings, fall into this deep pit?

Actually, this level of depravity isn't the result of a slow decline.  It's not a new condition in our world.  We fell into the pit of sin when Adam and Eve chose self-satisfaction over self-denial, obedience and self-discipline.

Many like to believe we have evolved; we're now enlightened citizens living in the 21st century.  But every time we choose self over service to others, we once again sentence ourselves and our children to remaining in that nasty pit.

Only a heart filled with genuine compassion for others can equip us to see the way out.  Only a life trusting in the saving power of Christ can experience enough hope to keep pointing others toward freedom.

I am so very grateful for the countless men and women who faithfully serve on the front lines.  We benefit daily from those (unlike the four in MN) who put their lives on the line to protect, even when faced with rioting mobs.  We have all been thankful for the sacrifice of health professionals and first-responders during this unbelievable pandemic.  We can not overstate our gratitude for these public servants.

Frank and I sat with an African-American family this week talking honestly about this tragedy.  It was their son, a 20 year old college sophomore, who summed up the situation best.  "This isn't a matter of color, Pastor Frank."  He looked at us resolutely and said,"It's a matter of the heart!"

Amen and Amen!

This post is perhaps one of the most controversial I've ever written.  It certainly is uncomfortable, to say the least.  But I want to use my voice (and any platform I'm given) to declare this basic truth: Life is Precious!  Disregard for human life is WRONG.

I also want to be faithful to remind us all that our help and hope will never be found in other people.

We must acknowledge that no matter our color, culture, or current zip code, we (as human beings) are all broken and ALL in need of a Savior who can hear our cry for help.  This verse took on new significance for me this week.

"But in my distress I cried out to the Lord; yes, I cried to my God for help.  He heard me from his sanctuary; my cry reached his ears."  2 Samuel 22:7

Others are watching to see how you will respond to the wrongs of this world.  May I urge you, don't remain silent.  I want all these children to grow up knowing that their voice matters.

Future World Changers

Use your words to pour the contents of your broken heart into the loving hands of our Heavenly Father.  Ask the Spirit of God to align your perspective to His.  Then open your mouth and believe the promise found in 2 Samuel 23:3 "The Spirit of the Lord speaks through me, his words are upon my tongue."

Isn't that the kind of enlightenment we all need in this 21st century?

Thank you each one for taking time to read this post.  I invite your reflections (whether you agree or disagree) in the comment section below.  Dialogue helps direct our thinking.  


  1. Well-said - thank you!

  2. I agree completed with your comments. As I watched the murder of George Floyd it really sicken me. I believe in the right to protest, but these riots are destroying other individual's properties and has nothing to due with the death of Mr. Floyd. I prayer continually for our country and trust God to bring us through this.

    1. Prayer has carried other generations and will carry us, won't it? Thanks, Cathie.

  3. That young man summed it up exactly right, It's a matter of heart. We in Minnesota are absolutely heartbroken for George and his family and so disgusted with the cops who did this to this man. We are thankful they are all being charged with it now. Thank you for writing this post. Wendy

    1. Wendy, thanks for giving us the perspective from MN. A few (like those officers) never represent the whole, do they?

    2. No, it's those few that give all the law enforcement officers a bad name. Just like in any profession. I am a daycare provider and there are those very few that are abusive and hurt a child and we all get the fall out for that too.

  4. Thank you for this post. I too live in Minneapolis and am heartbroken for George Floyd and his family. I am a middle aged white woman with 2 young boys and I have spent the last week deep in prayer, self reflection and in conversation with my husband about systemic racism. I do think this is a matter of the heart, but as someone who has experienced privilege her entire life, I think it is really important that I hold my self accountable for my role in systemic racism. I'm spending a lot of time trying to educate myself and listening and figuring out what to do next. Erin

    1. Erin, Blessings as you look honestly for ways you and your family can use your circle of influence for Godliness.

  5. Sheri,

    Your wise perspective is very much appreciated. It's such a complicated time with chaos everywhere; so refreshing to hear a peaceful voice.

    1. Thank you, Becky! I loved your blog, "In Bed with a Mosquito." Just as a little thing (mosquito) makes a big impact, so a little effort (kindness) can be what's needed for a big impact toward understanding.