Saturday, February 29, 2020


Usually, we're glad to experience EXTRA.

Like today.  February 29 is an EXTRA day.  Leap year only occurs once every four years.  But here we are in a leap year and we're blessed with an extra day in February.

(I'm especially thankful because I've had an unusually busy month.  This extra day means I can have at least two posts for February of 2020.  In this case, EXTRA is a blessing.)

We also enjoy EXTRA when we find it attached to words like:

  • Savings
  • Toppings
  • Time
  • Money
  • . . . feel free to fill in your favorite Extra.

Our family has been extra blessed to have Mom Hawley visiting us for two weeks.  We think the last time she came was when Kristin and Cody were married in 2015.  This is the first time she has come to stay with us for such a long time.

We've tried to get her here for years reminding her how many of her friends would LOVE to visit family in FL during the winter months.  This was the year.  It's been a little colder than normal so we teased and said she brought the cold weather with her.  But she's having a great time.

We've been able to watch Noah play t-ball.  (A new adventure for our entire family.)  We've introduced her to catfish which she discovered she likes.  She's been with us for a couple of baby-sitting adventures.  She went to have her hair done by Joy at school.  And she was the star guest at a McGhee family s'more party.

Our church family is also loving on her in big ways.  One lady, Burnette, heard how much Mom likes her special Christmas fruitcake.  So what did Burnette do but make one for Mom?!  What an Extra special gift.  She has been given jars of home made jam.  Everyone has lined up to give her a hug.  And she's heard story after story of how this church loves her son, their pastor.  EXTRA!

Frank and I have also experienced some of the EXTRA's you don't typically enjoy.  For example:
  • Charge
  • Sick
  • Slow
  • . . .again, feel free to add your own word.
A small tickle in Frank's throat on Tuesday turned into a full blown extra special cold.  He was totally out of commission for two days.  Which meant I had to jump into high gear  in order to teach the Bible study on Wednesday and visit the hospital on Thursday.  John and Kristin helped cover the other empty spots.  

Then Friday, I gave in to the same bug and ended up sleeping most of the day.  EXTRA rest was required and I acquiesced.  Hopefully, tomorrow everyone will be back on track, healthy and whole.

So here is my hope for you today, Dear Reader.

May you and those you love be EXTRA blessed.  
May you feel EXTRA loved by our Heavenly Father.
May you stumble upon EXTRA opportunities.
May you offer EXTRA hugs and forgiveness to those around you.
May you find that forgiveness coming back to you in EXTRA measures.

Blessings to you all!


  1. How nice that Frank's mother is able to visit for a period of time. Sorry you both had to deal with the nasty bug that seems to be going around. I had it for two weeks and don't you know it is on it's way back. Another sore throat. Enjoy those baseball games. Nothing like watching those grandchildren as they participate in their sports and other activities. I thought Leap Day was every four years. I learned something new.

    1. Cathie, I Am So Sorry! Leap year does occur every FOUR years. My medicine brain caused me to type seven. Fake News at work. LOL Thanks for commenting!