Friday, May 31, 2019

What's the Difference?

I mentioned in my post yesterday that I happened up on a wonderful devotional thought during our time at Ocean Isle.  So here it is . . .

One of our favorite parts of the parsonage where we stay is the porch.  This is no ordinary porch.  It is a wide, wooden porch complete with rocking chairs and small tables to hold coffee mugs and devotional books.

The view is especially lovely.  The porch is a second-story spot overlooking a canal where fish jump, boats idle by along with swimmers, kayakers and the occasional longboat paddler.  (These people are ridiculously well toned and make me want to put down my chocolate donut in order to applaud!)

The porch is best enjoyed during the morning hours - which works just fine for Frank and I who are serious early birds.  We spent many quiet hours together this week.  Just sitting and sipping coffee or tea.  Sometimes talking, sometimes not. Mostly pondering.

As I sat looking out over the canal and the yard, I began to notice a few things.  The grass in the yard where we were staying was dry and brittle looking.  Mostly weeds and scraggly brush covered the entire area.  But the yard directly adjacent to ours looked like a snapshot straight out of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

The neighbor's grass was lush and a rich shade of emerald green.  Palm trees swayed majestically.  Flowering shrubs of all sorts added pops of color in carefully selected spots.  The entire yard was beautifully manicured and alive; a real treat for the eyes.

So, how was it that one yard looked like a snapshot from the Sahara desert and the other looked like a tropical paradise?  Inches from one another in distance but miles apart aesthetically.

What was the difference?

Water!  The one home owner has invested heavily in landscaping and wants to take care of the investment.  In order to keep all those lovely plants alive, water is needed.  Water every single day.  Water and lots of it.  Skipping even one week of water could have disastrous results.  Consistency is the simple key unlocking a beautiful difference evident to anyone with eyes.

While I sat on that porch observing the two yards, I had a realization.  Exactly like the two yards, we have to make consistent investments in our lives.  Time alone with Christ makes the difference for each of us. But we can't only invest occasionally.  Even making time to focus on God once a week won't be enough.   We grow best when the investment is daily.  Daily washing our minds with the Word of God allows for spiritual growth and rich beauty in our relationship.

Nothing earth-shattering.  Just a simple reminder of truth you already know.

What makes the difference?  A small daily choice which reaps huge, eternal benefits.

Hope you find it helpful!  Blessings!


  1. This is an excellent analogy! And not at all where I thought this might be going. Thanks so much