Saturday, April 28, 2018

That's Right

Nine days and counting!  We're down to single digits!

Today marks nine days until we reach the due date of one Parker Franklin McGhee. The first child of our first child.  The first grandchild on Cody's side.  The seventh on our side.  A much anticipated and longed for little boy.

Every friend and relative he has yet to meet is over the moon with excitement as we watch for his soon arrival.

(Side note question:  Is it the baby's due date?  Or is it the mother's due date?  If you're a maternity care giver perhaps you can leave a comment below to help clarify.)

I spent some time with Kristin yesterday as she searched out a few last minute items.  Poor baby is so very pregnant now that we walk slowly, stand slowly, sit slowly, respond slowly...... well, you get the picture.  I say "we" because we all intuitively move at her pace in an effort to be supportive.

Thankfully, she's had none of the pregnancy difficulties so common for many.

Her biggest struggle has been with severe leg cramps.  Bananas and water have become her best friends in an effort to combat the cramps.  And Cody (the consummate pregnancy partner) has spent many middle-of-the-night-hours rubbing out those cramps.

They are the cutest couple.  He routinely calls her throughout the day, just to see how she's doing.  This pregnancy thing is new territory for Cody but he has risen to the challenge of learning and trying to understand all aspects.

They spent the whole of last Saturday in a birthing class.  His stories of what they learned, the videos they saw and how they processed it all had us roaring with laughter.

Yep, there's a reason God's best plan is for a husband and wife to bring children into the world together.  It's because we NEED one another!

In other news, I'm making serious strides toward the completion of my first book.  I've casually mentioned the idea of a book here and there over the past couple of years.  But I'm closer than ever before to it becoming reality.

I guess you could say I've been "pregnant" with this book for a long time, too.  Humans are pregnant with children for 9 months.  An elephant carries her young for almost 22 months.   I've heard stories of people carrying manuscripts close to their hearts for years before "giving birth."  I must be one of those.

Please pray with me that this will be completed soon.  I desperately want it to take the right shape.  I want this first book to have words of encouragement that will reach to many who need them.  I'm listening closely and really want to get it right.

Of course, I'm aware this isn't THE book (as a wise friend shared) it's A book.  I'm not responsible for producing the greatest book ever penned.  That job was covered quite well by the many co-authors who penned what continues to be the best seller of all time - the Bible.

No, my goal is much more modest.  I want to simply take the truth that life has worked into my heart and record it in an effective way; a way that encourages.  Then put it out there for others who will recognize themselves in the struggles and victories I describe. 

Which brings me to a great quote I heard just this morning.  The speaker was talking about our journey through life.  He talked of being right.  This was the statement that challenged my thinking, "It's not about being right.  It's about getting things right."

In other words, we too often insist that others recognize us as being right.  No matter what the topic of conversation.  No matter what the project.  No matter who we're dealing with or why - human nature in each of us longs to be affirmed as being the one who is "RIGHT!"

This speaker felt we should focus instead on getting things right.

Every married couple has times of disagreement.  When the arguing is over, what matters more? Who was right? Or who handled the disagreement in a right way?

Every building project must follow a plan.  When a hurricane comes through these parts, we want to know the builders didn't cut corners.  We want to know they built that structure the right way.

We don't care about the name of who was deemed right or wrong during project discussions. Constructing it the Right Way is what matters most.  Getting it right provides something that lasts through the storm.

I think you get the idea.

So my challenge today is this, ask yourself to honestly answer.  Which matters most to me?  Do I want to Be right?  Or do I want to Get it right?

BEING right adds value to our personal reputation.  GETTING it right adds value to other people.

Kristin and Cody are trying to get pregnancy and birthing right.  I'm trying to get publishing right.  We all hope to get relationships right.  When you turn it that way, being right takes second place.

Hmmmm.  A friend of mine often says, "Now you know that's right!"

I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Stop by the comment box with your perspective.......


  1. Hi, Sheri! I think "due date" can go either way. The mother is "due" to give birth on the date, and the baby is "due" to arrive! Congratulations.