Friday, February 23, 2018

Add Value

Thank you for your patience with my minimal posting these past two weeks.

What I thought would be reflective time became a "Mini Time Tornado."  (Is there actually such a thing?  Not sure - but it gives you the picture, right?)

So, although my schedule is packed still (just like yours) I'm making myself sit down for thirty minutes to say "Hello!"  I'm so grateful that you continue to stop by Embrace the Grace even if I don't have a new post on that day.  Thanks Much!

Part of the "Mini Time Tornado" was because of a conference Frank and I were privileged to attend this week.  It Was Resplendent!!

There were training sessions going from early morning to well past what I consider bedtime.  2,500 people were all navigating the same hallways and buffet lines at the same time.  For many it was controlled chaos.

But Frank and I stood directly in front of the "firehose" they were using to share information.  (Figuratively, of course.)

When we were so saturated that our tired minds could no longer absorb anything, we kept facing that firehose and just let the truth wash over us.  It was truly an amazing conference.

My favorite phrase from the entire four days?  "Add Value!"  

Incredibly Simple.  Powerfully Profound.  It's a phrase that should apply to every living, breathing human being.

Add Value! 

It marches into dark places and brings light.  It soothes the broken-hearted with hope.  It whispers peace to the overwhelmed and offers a simple plan of action.

We cannot solve all the problems of this broken world.  I cannot change the circumstances of your life.  You cannot answer the questions of my heart.

But we can step into ANY situation today and.......Add Value!

Just try it.  I dare you.

Step into the coffee break room and ask yourself, "How can I Add Value to this conversation?"  

Look around at your co-workers and ask God how you can Add Value to them.

When your family gathers for dinner tonight, set the tone by determining to Add Value to each person sitting with you.

Feel free to use these encouragement starting phrases:
  • "I know you've had a tough day.  Thank you for........."
  • "If others could only recognize your gift for............"
  • "I really appreciate that you"
  • "If it weren't for you, we wouldn't have the blessing of.............."
  • "You've grown so much in the area of.............."

People may look at you a bit oddly at first.  But I can promise you, they will come back for more. 

This world is dying of thirst waiting for someone to share a cup of cool refreshment in the form of genuine encouragement.  Not flattery.  No one benefits when we just try to build egos.

No, I'm talking about taking a moment to look into the eyes of another person.  See their human-ness that is just like yours.  Then intentionally choose to Add Value to that person.

I'm learning in new ways about an age old truth - what I hold out to others, always comes back to me.  (Sowing and Reaping)  By day's end, YOU will be the one smiling and feeling a bit lighter.

I can hardly wait to hear your stories of Adding Value.................

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