Thursday, November 30, 2017

Most Important

When I was a little girl watching one of the three channels available on our television, we were often startled by a serious, commanding voice that would say, "We interrupt this program to bring you the following news bulletin....."

Everything would stop while we listened intently for the urgent news announcement.  It was always something of great importance that merited our full attention.  You could be sure everyone would be discussing it for days to come; so my parents wanted to hear every word.

I'd like to interrupt your life and make such an announcement right now........

Christmas is less than 30 days away.  It's vitally urgent that you identify and establish your "Most Important" for the 2017 Christmas season, if you've not already done so.

"Sheri, what in the world are you talking about?!"

I happen to know how critical it is that we intentionally chose the "Most Important" thing each season.  Otherwise, we'll come to January, 2018 and have to sadly acknowledge that we completely missed the one thing we really wanted to make happen before year's end.

Hopefully, this little post will push you toward getting your "Most Important" on the calendar right now.
  • Call that friend.  
  • Write that letter.  
  • Set up that lunch appointment.  
  • Get those pictures taken. 
  • Share that cake/pie.  
  • Spend time with that grandchild.  
Don't wait until the season's crush has rushed you right past your golden opportunity.

Several weeks ago, I watched a video illustrating the responsibility we all have of directing our lives.  It addresses how vital it is that we choose to give the "Most Important" elements priority.  It's entitled "The Empty Pickle Jar - A Lesson on Life."

(A link for the video is at the conclusion of this post.  I sincerely hope you'll take a few minutes to watch.)

Frank and I LOVE a new tradition we started three years ago.  It's the Papa and Noni Christmas night:  Pizza.  A Craft. Gingerbread Houses.  New Pajamas.  A Christmas Cartoon.   All with NO parents allowed.

(This year, Zach and Madi are old enough to join us.  I plan to rest the day before!)

We put that on the calendar for the very first weekend of December.  Once Frank and I agreed on a date, we sent an invitation to all five grands.  They responded with much cheering and squealing, their mommies reported.

This tradition is one of our Most Important.

It took a couple of weeks and a lot of back and forth to settle on another.  But at long last the Hawley/Schreck/Smith/McGhee family Christmas is also on the calendar.  Our adult children asked for a Christmas breakfast this year instead of dinner.  The menu matters not to me.  We'll start bright and early then celebrate until everyone falls exhausted into their vehicles to head home.

We also have plans to celebrate with different groups in our church family.  And our Christmas Eve service plans (a favorite) are well underway.

Bottom line dear reader, is this:  The season marking our Savior's Birth is well worth stopping to embrace.  It is undoubtedly one of the most important moments in human history and merits our full attention.  You can be sure people will be discussing Christmas far into the new year.

Some people I've encountered have already started with the "Bah!  Humbug!" attitude.  "Too much to do!  Too many people to please!  Too much commercialism!"

Well, I encourage you to take charge.  Choose to make this Christmas season intentional.  Establish what's "Most Important" first, then add whatever else you have time/money/room for.

The video link is here.....

Hope it speaks to your heart as it did mine.   

We'd love to hear about your "Most Important" choice for the season.  Tell us about it in the comment section below.....


  1. My most important choices for season - Christmas at Concordia tomorrow night. This is a small Lutheran college in Nebraska that my niece attends. It will include their choir and band. It's her freshman year so I'm not sure what all it does include but I'm sure it will be beautiful.
    Next is Christmas Eve services at my church. It is a candlelight service that begins at 11:00 PM and ends at midnight.

    1. Oh Phyllis, these both sound amazing. And it's always the right time to begin new traditions like a Christmas concert, right?! I'm sure both events will bring great joy!