Saturday, November 19, 2016


Frank and I slept on a mattress on the living room floor last night.

No, it wasn't an attempt at romance or camping and there wasn't even storm damage to blame.  Although we were in survival mode.  Meagan and Nathan's recent move into their own home has left our home looking rather barren and may I add, far too quiet for my taste.  But that's another post.

Before their move, I had snagged new carpet from a sub-contractor at a ridiculously low price.  Our house is about 60% carpet and we were still living with the original from 13 years ago.  Carpet cleaners can only do so much with flooring as well lived on as ours was.  So the plan was out with the old, in with the new after the big transition.

Only, we ran into a time crunch. Thanksgiving is less than one week away.  My dad and his wife will be arriving on Tuesday.  Other guests will be joining us for the wonderful turkey feast on Thursday.

The fella we found to install the new carpet had to do it this weekend or wait until after Christmas.  With all the company we have planned for the next four weeks, the old carpet would never do.  Consequently, "Calvin the Carpet Guy" became our new best friend.

He nonchalantly swiped at dust bunnies and spider webs I had no idea existed within my walls.  Chipped paint and peanut butter hand prints have been my primary decorating look for so long that it made me a little sad to start scrubbing them away.

Calvin was only able to complete the living room and master bedroom on Friday.  The remainder of the house had to wait until Saturday.  Ever the resourceful one, my boy scout husband set up the television and our king size mattress (complete with proper bed linens) in the living room.  The finishing touch was Gracie's bed at the right corner, where she usually sleeps in our bedroom.

Every other stick of furniture and article of clothing loomed rather menacingly in the kitchen and dining room.  But we just didn't look over that way.  Instead, we settled in for a movie and hot tea. I can't say how the movie ended because we both fell sound asleep.  But we made another memory and laughed about how odd Calvin would think us if he should arrive to start work earlier than expected.

I'm happy to report that every square inch of flooring that should be covered with toe-tickling fibers now is and most furniture has been returned to its appropriate location.  The new padding makes it feel like walking on cushions.  And there isn't a juice or coffee stain to be found - anywhere in the entire house!  WooHoo!

I had promised myself that no matter what else happened,  I would write today.  So here I am a little fuzzy headed and hoping to encounter a hot tub shortly.  But I came across a great line I wanted to share with all the savvy readers of Embrace the Grace.

"Gratitude makes what I have more than enough!"  WOW!

Don't you love that?  It certainly spoke to my heart.  And it applies so beautifully to almost any circumstance you can think of.  Especially when life is topsy turvy, gratitude can make the chaos more manageable.

Here's hoping your Sunday will be blessed with church going, song singing, Bible exploring and friend hugging.


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