Monday, May 16, 2016

New Adventures

Today I'll do something I've never done before.

I heard of students doing this while I attended college in central FL.  I always thought it sounded like a fun idea but there never seemed to be time for such an adventure.

To what am I referring?

Before this day ends, I will have been on both coasts of the state of Florida.

This morning I will drive with my dear friend Lalitha to Tampa.  And although I may not even see the Gulf of Mexico, I'll be able to smell the salty air.  Then this afternoon, Frank and I leave for our state conference being held at a church in Ormond Beach, located on the Atlantic Ocean.

My day of driving won't exactly be like the students used to plan.  They would get up before dawn and drive to Tampa to watch the sunrise.  Then they would hop in the car, drive the two and a half hours to Daytona to watch the sunset.  When you're young and need a break from the crazy schedule of college, that's a great get-away.

My dual-coastal adventure is not for the purpose of a get-away.  My friend and I are headed to the state department building in the heart of downtown Tampa.  There, she will be sworn in as a citizen of the United States!  This has been a long journey for Lalitha; I'm so honored to share the moment with her!

She grew up in Sri Lanka and has the beautiful features and accent to prove it.  We met ten years ago when her family moved to Winter Haven and began attending our church.  We've watched her little girl grow into a lovely young lady.  Lalitha and I have prayed together over many issues. 

Four years ago, I drove with her to Orlando to begin the official process of becoming a citizen.  She has worked hard and jumped through many hoops to attain this.  So today is a BIG DEAL! To say we're proud of her is an understatement.  Let the celebrating begin......

As soon as we return, I'll hop back into the car with Frank and we'll drive to our conference - on the east coast.  He and I had a quiet moment before the sun peaked over the horizon.  We were talking about our day and I mentioned my dual coast adventure to him.  "At some point before the conference is over," I whispered "I'd really love to at least see the Atlantic."

He gave me a hug and promised we would.  It's not exactly a bucket list desire but maybe another time we'll go for the sunrise/sunset portion of the trip.  Today I'll be content with celebrating the accomplishment of my dear friend; her moment in the sun.

And I'll simply mark it as, "New Adventure - One Day/Two Coasts" in my calendar.

What's something new you've done lately?   I'd love to hear about it.

Let me leave you with a scripture that seems to go with the theme of the post.  We've been rehearsing this one a lot lately, "His mercies are new every morning..."  What a joyous thought - Blessings!