Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter - FL Style

It's C.O.L.D.!!

Even here in central FL where the sun shines about 95% of the time, it's COLD!

I watched the sunrise this morning snuggled into my prayer chair and layered with blankets.  Steaming coffee warmed the mug and my hands.  Gracie (the goat-dog) tucked her chubby black and white self in as closely to my hip as possible. 

But she just kept shivering so I grabbed Frank's Carolina blanket and draped it over her trembling little frame.  Only then was she able to settled in and give the deep contented sigh of a canine in a state of perfect joy!  That dog is rotten!

Frank had to scrape the windows of his car before he could leave this morning.  That happens about once every two years.  We've all been scrambling to find jackets and boots and T-shirts that layer well.  I have now rotated twice through all THREE of the turtle neck sweaters I own.  That's actually somewhat of a record. 

The sandals we normally wear seem to smirk at us from their spot on the self.  This weather calls for SOCKS!  (I only have two pair that are "boot appropriate."  Quite a change from my NC days.)

But you won't hear me complaining!

I love the snap of cold.  I do not miss the mosquitoes nor the flies.  I love the steaming soup and cups of hot chocolate.  I do not miss running the air conditioner 24/7.  I love jumping in the bed and sticking my cold feet on Frank's warm leg!  (Definitely his least favorite part of winter!)

Now, I'm well aware of the terrible blizzard that has paralyzed the eastern half of the United States.  And I have great empathy for those shoveling snow and trying to manage this weather without electricity.

But I also know how things happened for the vast majority of you as soon as this snow was predicted.  There is a "Snow Days Protocol" that must be followed.......... 

  • Mad dash to the grocery store.  
  • Rushing directly to the bread aisle and picking up one loaf each of pumpernickel and rye because that's all that's left.  
  • Milk!  
  • Eggs!  
  • Popcorn!  
  • Chocolate!  The essential food items for making it through any blizzard-type conditions.  

My sister (who still lives in NC) said they could live on French toast for days if necessary!

It's true.  Our temperature will make it into the 60's around here today.  And yes, people are dressed as though we've all been transported to Alaska. 

The lady who checked me out at the grocery story yesterday was wearing gloves!  She moved here from Ohio five years ago and is certain that her blood has thinned.  This causes her to not tolerate our cold weather well, at all!

I guess it's all relative, right? 

I certainly hope you have the privilege of staying near hearth and home until this weather passes!

Thanks again for your patience with my limited postings.  This week I begin meeting with a fantastic group of college women.  I can't wait to hear their perspective on the topics I want to write about!

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