Tuesday, April 7, 2015


It's finally HERE!  We leave for the airport in four hours. 

Of course, we've planned realistically based on my track record.  We need to leave for the airport in four and a half hours so the target time was moved up.  There are many of you out there who can totally relate.  You're the ones laughing with me and not at me.  Big difference!

The suitcases are packed and ready to zip.  I'm fielding last minute calls and texts.  Frank had a haircut and final office run.

This post is unbelievably short because I need to be showered and dressed when Frank gets back home.  But I also know that so many of you are excited with us and praying for us.....you had to be part of today as well.

One lady in our church called the office last week and asked that I call back.  When I finally got to return her call, I had my pen ready to jot down whatever it was she needed me to help with.  We chatted a few minutes; talking a lot about Israel.  Then I asked what I could do for her.

"I don't need anything, Pastor Sheri.  I'm just so excited about your trip.  It feels like I'm getting to go too!"

Tears sprang to my eyes.  She had called purely for the joy of celebrating with me.  What a gift!

Thank you too, dear reader, for being happy with us as we experience this lifetime dream fulfilled.  Can't wait to fill you in when we return April 18th!  Woo Hoo!

PS - Those who commented on the "Normal or Nuts" post seemed to think my odd ways are totally Normal!  Thanks for that encouragement!

Shalom, Y'all!  


  1. Praying for a wonderful, safe trip for both of you. Can't wait to hear your stories when you return.

  2. As I am writing this, you are now there. I can only imagine the smile on your face and in your heart right now. Enjoy