Monday, March 2, 2015

Winter Sunshine

I've been working like crazy today but it's been in relative silence.  An unusual and pleasant change.

Mondays are my catch-up day (as a rule.)  If at all possible, I work from home.  It allows me the luxury of focusing on one thing at a time.  AND at some point I usually manage to finish laundry.  (Since clean underwear is a relatively high priority for us, that's a bonus!)

Today has been devoted to wrapping up the final loose ends for a marriage retreat we have this weekend.  Hopefully, it will be an amazing event for those attending!

The sun has finally peaked out again in FL.  But I know most of you are still bundled to the hilt with hats, gloves and scarves.  And if you could live to be 100 and never again hear the words: ice, snow, over-cast, sleet, record lows, winter'd be quite happy!

So I'm posting a little humor today for those of you bravely battling the "BLAHS" brought on by Ol' Man Winter.

Last Monday, a knock came on my door.  When I opened it, a handsome little four-year-old burst in shouting, "It's a BOY!  Noni, it's a BOY!!"

I glanced over the top of his blonde hair to see Joy smiling and shaking her head in disbelief.

She had just said to Spencer and Abby while driving to my house, "Don't tell Noni what the baby is!  It's a surprise.  We'll tell everyone when we're together tonight for dinner."  (They had gone as a family that morning for the ultra-sound that revealed the gender of the new baby.)

Spencer was just too excited to hold in the great news another minute!

Joy had suspected this would be another boy all along.  Spencer will have a brother.  Abby is quite content to be the big girl.  Of course, John is pleased. 

Seems only their doctor is disappointed.  He's wanted them to have a girl and name her "Fiona" ever since he delivered the first Schreck baby!  Sorry, Dr. Maml

So by July, we'll have a total of FIVE grandbabies!  The boys will still out-number the girls at 3 to 2.  Bottles, diapers and pacifiers will be the real gold around our houses.  And deciphering toddler talk will continue as our favorite form of entertainment.

Everyone is talking now, including Noah.  He waited a while because with Abby and Spencer to let people know what he wanted, why should he bother?!  Smart kid!

In addition to his favorite, Chetsch (catch) he's added the following:
       Tease - Please
        Danks - Thanks
        Bup - Up
        Bawh - Ball (used for chetsching)
        Tuck - Truck
Still nothing sounding like "Noni" "Poppa" or "World's Best Grandparents" just yet.  But we'll keep you updated.

Of course, Spencer and Abby add to their vocabularies daily.  But this stage has its difficulties, as well.  They know exactly what they're saying.  And to them, the words they're using are exactly like the words we've taught them.

Only, their version of those words sounds a little different to our adult ears.  And, oh the exasperation when they have to repeat it three or four times for the slow, puzzled adults!

For example, almost every time Abby comes in to my office I hear this -  "Ina daw, Noni." 

After multiple tries (and utilization of the interpretation skills of her mom) she finally helped me understand that she wanted to draw"Ina daw!" Well, of course that's what she meant!
Perhaps that little key will help you decipher the conversation that followed.

"Hep daw my naym?"  "K'noo daw a kiss mas tee?"  "Wook Noni!  It a nake!"  "K'noo daw my hand?"  "I donna hope oo!"  (Big Smile!) "Ina mint peas!"  (If you read this blog as a tool for studying English, I apologize!)

What Abby meant to say was,  "Will you help draw/write my name?" "Are you able to draw a Christmas Tree?"  "Look, Noni!  I drew a snake!"  "Can you trace my hand?" "I'm going to help you!"  (Big Smile!)  "I love your mints, Noni.  May I have one, please?"

Our favorite Spencer story happened just recently.  John had gone in to pray with him before bedtime.  The two fellas were both draped over Spencer's tiny bed while John patiently listened to his son recount all the adventures of the day.

The stories were rather lengthy and John (being tired) had zoned out a bit.  But he perked up just in time to catch his then three year old son spreading his hands in exasperation, shaking his head in disbelief and saying, "Dad, it was.....  It was....  Well, it was just wediqulus!"   (You guessed it - "ridiculous!")

Danks for taking time to stop by today.  Peas, come again.  Here's hoping you chetsch some good weather soon.  That you daw closer to a friend.  And that your 2015 winter experience won't be too wediqulus! 



  1. Sherri,

    I can't tell you how fun it is to read a blog that tells stories about MY grandson. How great is that? :-) And of course, no one can tell those stories quite as well as his other grandma.

    I loved hearing the things Abby and Spence say; never a dull moment when kids are chattering! I will have to come to you for translation help when I get around Noah again.

    Hugs to you today,

    1. Ah, Becky! I feel the same way when I devour the fantastic pictures you take of Noah. (And of his photogenic Mom and Dad!)

      Thankful to be sharing "grandma joy" with one who was already such a dear friend!

      Love Ya,

  2. Loved your post today. I was sitting at my desk sounding out everything and was close a couple of times but once the translations were put up, of course they all make sense. My 2 boys are late teens and early 20's so I do not have any of that right now but I sure do miss it. Kyle's word that we couldn't figure out was "Knock oo's". Turned out that he really liked "Noodles" and for my youngest he some how decided to name his security blanket "me". He would walk around the house at night before bed saying "I can't find me". Oh the laughter that brought. :) Mel

  3. How adorable! I'm sure your tall, handsome sons enjoy being reminded of their baby speech - especially in front of friends! LOL They never stop being our babies!

  4. I had absolutely no trouble understanding the "toddler talk", but then when I was around their age I always asked for help putting on my "voos and vocks" (shoes and socks) :-)