Thursday, February 19, 2015

Winter Weather

I hope you're staying WARM!

The weather across most of the United States is crazy!  While watching the news reports, I feel very much like I did as a little girl growing up in Pensacola, FL.  The pictures of snow drifts and skidding cars are incredible.

Only now, after having lived in NC for 25 years, I have no misconceptions about it being beautiful or exciting.  I know the dangers.  I understand the effort required just getting to work.  I've experienced the concern when snow storms hit three Saturday nights in a row and people can't get to church! 

I also know what it's like to have small children cooped up in a 1000 square foot home for days on end!  Hang in there, Mommies!

I know the exhaustion of gathering clothes; dressing said children in layer after layer; and sending them outside.  After all the layering, bundling and boot-tugging, moms invariably hear a knock on the door three minutes later, "I fwoo! I'na come back in! It cohwd!"  Tiny blue lips and chattering teeth.

Or my personal favorite - which always seemed to happen just as I zipped up the last of three snow suits, "I gotta go bafroom, Mommy!" "Oh, me too!"  Sigh!

There is no great word of encouragement today - only sincere empathy!  And hopefully a smile in the middle of this tough winter weather. 

My plan is to write a good long post tomorrow about attending my dad's wedding.  The synopsis?  "A lovely time was had by all!"

Praying safety for you, dear reader.  May you enjoy plenty of warm chicken soup, hot tea, snuggles and giggles by a crackling fire!

(So sorry about the mysterious, empty post of the 17th.  I have no idea how that happened.  Perhaps Abby and Spencer were attempting to make a guest appearance.)

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