Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wedding Bells!

--> (This post was actually written on Monday.  I had to wait for internet service to post.)

Why would I be writing about wedding bells today?

Well, for a couple of reasons –
1.  Today is the seventh wedding anniversary of John and Joy  Schreck!  Seven years ago today they became husband and wife.  

 John became the first son added to our family!  Frank was so very happy to finally have added testosterone in the mix.  So I'm cheering with them and shouting, "Happy Anniversary!"

2.  Today I met the woman my dad will marry in four weeks.   

“Wait, did she say her dad is getting married?”  Yes, I sure did.  My widowed dad is getting married.

In December, we marked the sixth year since Mom passed away.  We’ve long been praying that Dad would find someone to share the rest of his life. 

And so, he has.

Her name is Christine.  She's a kind lady who has known my dad since they were high school age. 

Dad graduated and moved to the big city of Pensacola to find work.  He found work……and my mom.  The rest, for us, was history. 

Christine stayed in the small community where they grew up and raised her family there. Such a friendly soul, she can pretty much name each person and their various family members.

She and Dad reconnected as friends once he and Mom moved back to his little town to retire.  After Mom moved on to heaven, Dad often attended Christine’s home church. 

On Christmas day, Dad surprised us all with the news.  He and Christine will be getting married on Valentine’s Day.  (Maybe “surprised” is too tame an expression.  “Shocked-the-daylights-out-of-us-all” is probably more like it.)

I didn’t want to meet the woman my dad was marrying just before she walked down the aisle. 

So my personal Sir Galahad preached two services yesterday; quickly changed clothes; hopped into the car; drove six of the seven hours with me to my dad’s home.  He has spent all of today being jovial, chatting, protecting my heart.

Then tomorrow we will get back into the car; drive the seven hours home; prepare our minds for a meeting with our board; try not to appear spent.

            Third reason I’m writing about wedding bells?  Because if I were asked today about choosing to marry Frank all over again – the answer would be YES!  A thousand times YES!! 

Any husband who demonstrates his love that clearly (after 35 years) deserves to know that he would be the resounding choice again and again!


  1. I'm so glad Sir Galahad takes such good care of you!

    My own mother has been gone for 25 years and my father has been married twice since then. It's hard, at first, but then it's nice because you realize how happy they are together. Congratulations to your whole family!

    1. Thanks, Enjay for your comment. I'm taking your encouragement to heart!