Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Cheer!

You Can Do It!

(Can you hear me cheering for you from my quiet place here in FL?)

I know exactly how crazy the Christmas season can become!  But I've come along today with a little word of encouragement.

Don't throw your hands into the air; giving up.  Hang in there!  Keep spreading the cheer!  You can do it!  And your gift of cheer may make a bigger difference than you know.

Last week we made a hospital visit to Beth, a dear member of our congregation.

She is the cheerleader for so many different people that I can't complete the list here.  Suffice to say, lots of people were praying for her.

And even though she had gone through major knee replacement surgery, we were all celebrating!

"Celebrating knee replacement?!"

What you have to know is the background of Beth's story.  She has been widowed for six years now and lives on a pretty tight budget.  And although she's needed this replacement surgery for quite some time, the funds just were not there.

Her brother (who works for a delivery company) was one of many people concerned about Beth's deteriorating condition.  Several weeks ago, he made a routine delivery.  The home-owner, who usually met him at the door in a wheelchair surprised him by walking to the door unassisted.

He took time from his rushed schedule to congratulate the customer and cheer with her.  Turns out, she had just completed therapy for a knee-replacement of her own.

"My sister needs that surgery so badly, " he said.  "I sure wish there was a way for her to get it."

The customer quickly responded, "Wait right here!"  Then walked away from her front door.

I'm not sure if you know this about delivery companies - but they aren't especially family friendly during the holidays.  The route must be completed!  And if you still have packages at 5 PM - too bad for you.  You're not going home until the last item is delivered!

So for Beth's brother to wait at the lady's door was a true act of generosity.........spreading holiday cheer.

The customer returned just a moment later waving a colorful brochure.

Turns out that the very hospital where her surgery took place, offers a huge gift to the community each Christmas.  They screen potential patients who don't have adequate insurance.  And of those dozens screened, they select five to receive the surgery........Absolutely Free of Charge! 

You guessed it!
  • Those few moments of cheering with a long-time customer 
  • ......turned into information 
  • ......which connected Beth with the people 
  • .......who chose her to be one of five recipients 
  • .......for an all-expense paid surgery 
  • .......which she so desperately needed
  • ........and had no way of providing for herself!
God never wastes anything!  (One of Frank's favorite lines.)

You just never know what far-reaching purpose God has planned for the bit of holiday cheer you choose to spread.  Be generous, dear friend!  Spread the Cheer - and watch for the outcome!


  1. As always you have blessed my heart by this message. Love Frank's line just about as much as God is Good - All the Time!

  2. Thank you for that wonderful word of encouragement--it was very timely! As always, you are a blessing!

    Deb Mantik